"Desert cactus sunrise" - 16 exotic wet dreams from 1955 to 1967


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE148
"I'll drop my seventh veil at sunrise in the desert with an oriental beat one more time, my dear..."

1. the seventh veil - nai bonet

Instrumental B-side of "Jelly belly", known to most garage rock lovers. This self-penned side however has remained under the radar for too long. Middle-Eastern exploitation tune on Karate Records in 1966. Nai Bonet, being half Vietnamese, became a successful belly dancing career in Las Vegas and recorded one single, appeared on many album covers (such as "Turkish delight" by Gus Vali), turned down a Playboy Magazine request and appeared in a dozen movies, including starring in the 1979 vampire pastiche "Nocturna", as Dracula's granddaughter, who can become mortal when she's dancing.

9. oriental beat - david the red sea singer

David Cohen was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1967 he recorded enough songs for three single releases on Whamm, a Dutch label. "Don't marry Abdullah" is the subtitle of this sought-after Oriental Beat tune, based on a Turkish melody. See also vol 189.

2. congo mombo - larry sonn

Exciting swing-jazz instrumental from 1956 on Coral Records. A-side is "Desert sunrise". Larry Sonn recorded an album with The Keymen as well.

10. desert sunrise - larry sonn

Exotic jazz swinger with a mumbling chorus and his big band. In 1956 you could listen to this kind of music, close your eyes and imagine you're watching the desert sunrise.

3. roots - the champs

Written by sax player Dave Burgess it sounds like Duane Eddy with a saxophone on a lazy Sunday afternoon in 1963. A Challenge release.

11. cactus juice - the champs

One of the first Gary Usher songs on a 45 by a band that was near the end. Five years after "Tequila" it was time to stop.

4. caravan - perez prado

One of the very best versions ever of this Duke Ellington classic. I've lost the count; I don't know how many Caravan versions I own. This is one of the best. Uptempo mambo exotica. This rare 1962 German release comes with a picture sleeve.

12. zombie jamboree - harry belafonte

In 1969 this was the flipside to "Try to remember". Belafonte already recorded it in 1964 and it was issued b/w "The midnight special" (see vol 159). It's a calypso traditional also known as "Back to back, belly to belly". I prefer the 1956 recording by King Flash, see vol 65 for the full story.

5. el cumbanchero - the ventures

Instrumental surf version of latin classic "El cumbanchero", originally recorded in 1946 by Margo Llergo in Mexico. This great version is from 1963.

13. vowels of love -  the poets

The A-side "Dead" can be found on numerous horror novelty compilations. But not the great doo-wop of "Vowels of love". A Flash release from 1958.

6. bossa on the moon - george nardello

"A trip to the moon as musically interpreted by the inventive sounds of George Nardello" I'm reading on the sleeve while dancing the Bossa On The Moon. Great space age bossa instrumental from 1965. See vol 146 as well for the A-side "Spaceflight".

14. a little bird - the hollywood flames

Best known members were Earl Nelson and Bobby Day aka Robert Byrd of Bob & Earl fame. Also Jackie Lee was once a Flame. This doo-wop tune from 1958 came out on Ebb.

7. the echoes keep calling me - little joe the thriller

Little Joe Cook & his Thrillers with one of his first releases, from 1957 on Okey. Fast doo-wop rock 'n' roll tune by this Philly vocal group

15. come back my love - the cardinals

My first encounter with this doo-wop tune was the 70s hit single by The Darts. I love this 1955 song so much. You should also check out their version of "Misirlou".

8. one more time (come on) - the clovers

My favourite Clovers tune. It's from 1963, when it was almost over for this vocal group that switched between doo-wop and rhythm & blues. Formed in 1946 already! Released on Porwin Records.

 16. i want a woman - nathaniel mayer & the fabulous twilights 

Great ballad as flipside to "Village of love", my personal fave Mayer song, from 1962. Born, raised and died in Detroit.