"Space Creep" - 16 outerspace, unearthly, long forgotten gems from my darkest dungeon 


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE146
"Zombies and creeps on a Gemini spaceship producing space echoes for Apache gorilla grandmama..."

1. spaceflight - george nardello

I already knew his "Ooga mooga", but when I discovered this gem, I tried to find more info about this saxophone player, unfortunately. "Spaceflight", dedicated to Project Gemini… Do the Spaceflight, the new favorite of the Astro-Dancers… Oh yes, I like this craziness. A 1965 release on Cherry Hill Records. See also vol 148.

9. the undertaker's love lament - ben colder

Country novelty tune as flipside to "The purple people eater #2" by Ben Colder aka Sheb Woolley himself, who had a novelty hit with "The purple people eater" about nine years earlier. A 1967 release on MGM.

2. i took a trip on a gemini spaceship - the legendary stardust cowboy

Some believe that Norman Carl Odam really took a trip on a spaceship and that he returned as the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. Texas would never be the same again. Known for his totally demented "Paralyzed".  Not to be taken seriously. A 1968 recording for Mercury

10. the creep - jay epae

Four self-penned tunes on this 1966 EP, his best effort, and also his last. He was a Maori, born in New Zealand who moved to the US in the late fifties to start a singing career. Many thought he came from Hawaii, hence his hula tunes and Waikiki surf ditties. For me, this song was the best he ever did. See vol 166 for more info.

3. space echoes - michel cenni

Sci-fi space rock instrumental from France with psyched-out repetitive synths and phasing guitar loops. Released on Vogue in 1976 as B-side of "Hot pop".

11. zombie - charlie boy

Belgian soul-rock from 1968 on Philips. I have no idea who these guys were. It reminds me of other Belgian bands like Jess & James, New Inspiration, …

4. nee nee na na nu nu - dicky doo & the don'ts

If you know Bert Convy's "Nee-no-nah-nee" (see vol 12) from 1962, this is not the same song, but he sure has listened to this 1958 release of Dicky Doo. Silly novelty instrumental on Swan and on London. For the flipside, see vol 161.

12. the gorilla walk - plookie mccline

Sleazy jerk straight from the jungle. It's 1964 and Plookie prefers gorillas to beetles. Sounds like a slow tribute to "Go go gorilla". A must have for Jungle Exotica, Las Vegas Grind, Wavy Gravy lovers. See also vol 144.

5. uh oh! pt1 - the nutty squirrels

Not the Chipmunks, but he Nutty Squirrels, the "novelty sensation of the year". The year was 1959, the year of the novelties. Is this funny? Yes. The novelty of the year? Hell no! A Hanover release in the US and on Heliodor in Germany.

13. apache! - the chiefs

Fabulous popcorn noir titty twister by The Chiefs. They had two singles on Greenwich Records, both from 1958. Supposedly there was also one on Valiant.

6. she got a nose job - the dellwoods

Released as cardboard flexi given away for free with a Mad Magazine in 1962. It also appeared on the album "Mad twists rock 'n' roll" with Mike Russo and Jeanne Hayes. Funny doo-wop novelty tune by the band that gave us "Don't put onions on your hamburger" and "Her mustache".

14.grandmama - freddy scott & the condors

Flexi-single for the promotion of Puch motorcycles and Erres recordplayers. "Grandmama" is a terrific Nederbeat tune from 1965 on Stokvis. B-side "Humoresque" is a Shadows-styled guitar instrumental.

7. smoochie - bill doggett

On his jazz piano or organ he was one of the kings on King Records. The leading saxophone and the Hammond organ are the main ingredients of this midtempo stroller from 1960.

15. beat me daddy eight to the bar - ella fitzgerald

Jazzy r&b song by "The first lady of song" who needs no further introduction . She was already in her forties when she recorded this in 1959 for jazz label Verve. Like France Gall already sang in 1987: "Ella, elle l'a" (or "Ella, she's got it")

8. blue saxes - benny roy

Belgian orchestra leader. Swinging groove with lots of horns. B-side of "Saxomatic" on Hebra Records, issued in 1964 or 1965.

 16. pow wow - the four dreamers 

Terrific guitar instrumental from France on French label Ducretet Thomson, including "Nautilus", "Arizona" and one more. "Pow wow" is their best; no doubt about that. They were also featured in a Claudia Cardinale movie "La fille à la valise" aka "Girl with a suitcase", a 1961 movie originally titled "La ragazza con la valigia",