"Transglobal Babylon" - 16 non-English Babylonian beauties on 45rpm


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE145
"Flemish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swahili... I don't care what they are singing as long as I can dance to it..."

1. de modepop - marijke merckens

"Poupée de cire, poupée de son" was the winning song on the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 for France (Gall). Marijke Merckens covered two France Gall songs on this single, both in Dutch. A fantastic 1965 release on Decca.

9. baby capone - sylvie vartan

A super star in France and she was married in 1965 with another super star, Johnny Hallyday. This German version of "Baby Capone" was recorded in 1968 for RCA Victor.

2. de loco-motion - wanda

Terrific Dutch translation of "The locomotion" by Elvira Carolina de Fretes aka Wanda, born in Indonesia. She came to the Netherlands to pursue a singing career in the early 60s. This was released in 1962 on Decca.

10. tutto nero - caterina caselli

Italian singer with a large recording output, starting in 1964. "Tutto nero" is an Italian translation of The Rolling Stones' "Paint it, black", from 1966.

3. dat had ik nooit gedaan - de clungels

First single by this beat group from Holland. Both sides were sung in Dutch. The organ break is great! It's so catchy that even outside the Netherlands people dance to this one.

11. geen cent! - de clungels

B-side of "Dat had ik nog nooit gedaan". Provo-beat from 1966 on Artone.

4. duizend dollar - rob mando

Early 70s Belgian pop tune. It's not that bad after all. Near the end of the song a wah-wah fuzz guitar takes over for about 20 seconds. A Basart release from 1972.

12. alley-oop - het cocktail trio

Silly Dutch novelty translation of Hollywood Argyles' hit single. It was their first of many 45s during their long career. A 1960 Omega release.

5. lluvia - grupo 15

A fabulous Spanish translation of The Beatles' "Rain" in 1966 by one of Spain's best beat/psych outfits. A Regal EP release.

13. bus stop - grupo 15

Another great translation of a UK hit release, namely The Hollies' "Bus stop". They also translated an Italian song and a French one, originally by Monty.

6. was hab' ich dir getan? - geschwister jacob

"Stop in the name of love" by the Supremes sung in German by these Jacob Sisters. A CBS release from 1965. See vol 184 for another 45.

14. peter und lou - francoise hardy

"Tous les garçons et les filles", her own big hit, translated into German. And still it sounds great. She even recorded an English version on single as "Find me a boy". A 1963 Vogue release.

7. aus - peggy peters

Don't get fooled: this is not an original. It's a German translation of The Isley Brothers' "Shout". It's wild, it's heavy, it's fab! "Aus" was released in 1965 on Hansa in Germany and on Artone in Holland.

15. ma marimba - los bravos

One of Spain's biggest rock groups, active in the second half of the 1960s. Their original singer was a German, though. Singer on this 1974 release is Jon Anderson's brother, Tony.

8. i dream of naomi - izumi yukimura

For the third time in this compilation series… this time by Izumi Yukimura (see vol 136 for another Japanese version), popular in Japan thanks to the 1st Tokyo International Popular Song Festival. A 1970 release on Victor.

 16. nuku penda - mfalme 

Funky afrobeat from 1976 on Asante, a label with only releases by Mfalme and by Jimmie Raye. Mfalme is Swahili for … Jimmie Raye. This song's also featured on his sole album "Let your soul fly" as "Naku penda". And when you listen very carefully, I'd say he's singing Naku and not Nuku.