"Coeurs perdus" - 16 French heartbreakers, lost in translation


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"France, Canada and Belgium have always been the main producers of French sung songs. Also one Egyptian here doing the Ali Baba Twist..."

1. boum boum - les missiles

A French translation of John Lee Hooker's "Boom boom boom" by this French quartet. A great beat version from 1965 on Ducretet Thomson.

9. ali baba twist - bob azzam

Born Wadi Jurj Azzam in Cairo, this Egyptian singer became a huge star in France and Italy. This 1960 song is in my Top3 Bob Azzam recordings for sure! Exotic Middle Eastern flavoured twist for harem hungry hoodlums.

2. est-ce que tu m'aimes - les baronets

French version of The Contours' classic "Do you love me?" by Canadian beat group Les Baronets. A 1964 release on Franco

10. jus d'orange et café - dominique michel & normand

Aimée Sylvestre met Normand Hudon, when she was already known as Dominique Michel. She was also an actress. When listening to this happy tune, it's easy to imagine yourself walking around in Montréal on a lazy Sunday afternoon in July drinking orange juice and a coffee. They recorded this for Apex in 1961.

3. rue des coeurs perdus - les 4 voix

Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome town" becomes a "Street of lost hearts" in this French translation by this Canadian outfit. They recorded it in 1965 for Les Disques Echo.

11. en attendant - richard anthony

Georgie Fame's "In the meantime" sung in French by Richard Btesch aka Anthony as if he were Trini Lopez. And strange but true, it works. From a 1965 EP on Columbia.

4. l'homme à la guitare - olivier despax & les gamblers

Duane Eddy and Lee Hazelwood wrote "The guitar man"; here's the 1962 French translation by Despax and his band The Gamblers, which at one time included Claude François.

12. n'y touche pas - les chabroll's

Belgian beat band that released six singles in the mid-60s, this being their last from 1966.

5. tu voudrais que j'oublies - ariane

Fantastic Belgian ye-ye stomper from 1966 on Palette Records by Ariane, this time without her Les 10-20 or Les Croque-notes. Written by Nelly Byl.

13. oh! ne dis pas - jean-pierre & nathalie

They also recorded this in Italian (Le Parole Che Piaccono A Me) in 1964. They were Pierre Feyt and Dominique Feyt. He wrote several songs for the French singing actor Bourvil. Excellent EP on Disques Festival.

6. si tu gagnes au flipper - chantal goya

Yé-yé tune from the Jean-Luc Godard 1966 movie "Masculin féminin". Goya plays the role of Madeleine Zimmer, a singer. There's also a cameo of Brigitte Bardot and Françoise Hardy.  Chantal Deguerre was born in Vietnam; she started her singing career in the early 60s and hasn't retired yet.

14. jezebel - les chaussettes noires

Charles Aznavour translated Wayne Shanklin's standard "Jezebel" into French.  Although they have existed for only 3 years they released more than twenty singles and five albums. Formed in 1960 they disbanded in 1963 when singer Eddie Mitchell went solo. A 1963 EP on Barclay.

7. non non non  - les sultans

French Canadian garage rock quintet from Québec. My fave track is their translation of "I can only give you everything" as "Tu es impossible" in 1966. This is not so wild anymore. A 1968 release on the DSP label, which stands for Denis S. Pantis, also the producer of this release.

15. le beau temps - georges dor

French Canadian singer and composer from Québec. "Le beau temps" (flipside is "J'suis Quebequoi?") has its minor parts but also wild guitar freakouts. A 1972 release on Decca.

8. cupidon - les bel-air

Written by Albert Hammond, Michael Hazlewood and Marcel Bertrand. I don't remember why I bought this 1969 release on Bel-Air by this Canadian outfit from Quebec.

 16. mon oncle - jacqueline francois

The vocal version of Jacques Tati's movie theme of "Mon oncle". Tati plays the iconic role of Monsieur Hulot. François was born Jacqueline Guillemautot near Paris. A 1958 Parisian atmosphere caught on vinyl for Philips.