"Hully Folie Gully" - 16 weird recordings from all over the globe between 1960-1976

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE142
"Goodness gracious me! Tunes from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK and even the USA...

1. lisbeth - malepartus II

Hilarious German (in the dialect of Hessen) parody version of The Troggs' "Wild thing" from 1966 on Telefunken. They had another single transforming "Dear Mrs Applebee" into "Fraa, bring de Äppelbrei!".

9. ich glaab', die hole mich ab, ha-haaa! - malepartus II

And here is Napoleon XIV's "They're coming to take me away, haha" translated in some German dialect. Crazy, man, crazy… just take them away and put them in the darkest room of the mental hospital where they can sing about Lisbeth.

2. goodness gracious me! - peter sellers & sophia loren

For sentimental reasons… In 1960 Sellers was one of the funniest men on earth and Loren one of the most beautiful women. Together they were an unlikely pair. Both sides of this novelty comedy track appear on their album "Peter and Sophia", also on Parlophone.
10. the star spangled banner - ruben guevara

Doo-wop novelty rock 'n' roll version of the American national anthem in a bicentennial craze. Son of a Mexican musician, he was born in Los Angeles. One day his father had the world record of largest Mariachi band, numbering 742 people. Ruben hooked up with Frank Zappa (remember his album "Cruising with Ruben & The Jets"?) in 1968. Colourful vinyl 45 from 1976 on Big Seven Inch Records.
3. uskadara - domenique christel & the mistrals

Another rare Belgian release. This freakbeat quintet recorded only one single, this one Ideal Records from 1967. Some Middle Eastern influences here.

11. sugar man - keith

James Keefer aka Keith had a hit in 1966 with "98.6". This is late 60s folkish beat from 1967. Released on Mercury as most of his recordings.
4. let's go to randstad - rogier van otterloo

He composed film scores for several Paul Verhoeven movies, such as Turks Fruit. He was also pianist, but not on this recording (Henk Elkerbout plays the piano here). This 1974 instrumental which sounds like a late 60s Italian movie soundtrack is a commercial for a Dutch employment agency called Randstad.
12. indian child - dewey martin & medicine ball
Drummer ánd singer Walter Midkiff aka Dewey Martin, played with Buffalo Springfield before, although he was Canadian. With Medicine Ball he recorded one album in 1970. There were two singles taken from this album. This self-penned heavy folk-rock tune is probably his best solo effort.
5. exodus - guido carnagy
The Trans Electronic Sound Of Guido Carnagy (aka Guy Delo) from Belgium released four singles in the early 70s. Here's the movie theme from "Exodus" in a magnificent Hammond groove funk way.  Think of all those KPM artists and enjoy this version from 1970. See also vol 118.

13. tough little buggy - the newbeats
The underappreciated flipside of their mega hit "Bread and butter" from 1963, which became a chart topper in 1964. I've always liked this song about their little Corvette. Some label this novelty beat. Whatever…
6. 9 o'clock business man - the peppermint trolley company

Californian psychedelic pop outfit formed in 1966 and disbanded in 1969 when they formed a new band: Bones. This is from 1968 and isn't featured on their sole eponymous album.
14. les mots que j'entends - celia
Pierre Saka (aka Jean-Michel Crétois) wrote the French lyrics to this song, which is originally "Bluesette", written by Belgian jazz harmonica legend Toots Thielemans. Title means "The words I hear". Recorded in 1964 for Disc AZ. See vol 139 for another track from this EP.
7. loch lomond - the castle kings

Jimmy Walker was known as drummer for The Knickerbockers and The Righteous Brothers, but he was already active in the early 60s with this Atlantic release, flipside to "You can get him Frankenstein".  Great doo-wop rock'n'roll from 1961.
15. the whip - pal & the prophets
Funk instrumental from 1969 by this unknown group Pal & The Prophets on the Phil-L.A. Of Soul label. Other singles came out on Scepter, and Jamie.
8. hully folie gully - harold nicholas

Other songs on this 1963 Barclay EP are "Hully gully Sue" (see vol 139), "Hully baby" ("See see rider" in French) and "Elle en pleure", which is "Cry to me". And yes, this is also a cover: original is by the Belgo-American singer Jack Hammer. Just check out vol 49  for Hammer's "Can't you do it".
16. l'inflexible - noel deschamps
On this same EP (see vol 141) you'll find another Zombies' tune translated into French. Great 1966 EP on RCA Victor.