"Barman Du Diable" - 16 French and Canadian folies on 45

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE139
"When the devil's bartender says it's over at 6am, you cannot dance the hully gully like young boys anymore..." 

1. le barman du diable - ric ramon

With the orchestra of Jean-Claude Pelletier, who composed this exotic twist tune about the devil's bartender in 1959. It's the best song from this 3-track EP on Tierce Panorama.

9. reste - raymond boisserie

The Four Tops' "Beggin'" in the French version Claude François recorded in 1969. It's an accordeon instrumental with groovy basslines and a female choir singing "Reste". A Trianon EP release.

2. grand-pere - henri salvador

He was born in South America, in French Guyana's capital city, Cayenne. One of France's biggest pop stars going from chanson, jazz and blues to rock 'n' roll and the weirdest novelty tunes, often translations. This is one of his rather serious sides about his grandfather, from 1968 on his own label, Rigolo.
10. reste mon ami - celia

Only a handful of singles are known by this black French girl, known as the French Sarah Vaughan. Slow soul tune (="Stay my friend") from 1964 on Disque AZ. See also vol 142.
3. a six heures c'est fini - noel deschamps

The Vogues' "Five o'clock world" in a splendid French version by beat hero Noël Deschamps in 1966 on this RCA Victor EP. There are three other cover songs on this EP: "Is this the dream", "I want you back again" and "Bumble bee", all sung in French.
11. pour lui tu feras des folies - noel deschamps

From the same EP as "A six heures c'est fini" this is "Bumble bee" in a translation. Terrific version.
4. comme l'eau - tony mark & the markmen
French mid-60s beat, first released on an EP in 1966 and a year later as a single, both on Disc'AZ. After only two singles with Les Markmen he went solo in 1968 and two more singles would follow.

12. les voisins - marcel amont
Jerk français as flipside to summer samba tune "Samba d'été". Born as Marcel Miramon in France.
5. les trucs anglais - gregory

Yé-yé garage pop from Paris, France, by Gregory Ken, born Jean Giraudon. He was 20 when he cut this platter. Accompanied by the Jacques Denjean Orchestra in 1967. An EP on Fontana.
13. pour une fille - noel deschamps
One year later in 1967 this EP was released. Unlike most of his songs this is a self-penned tune "For a girl".
6. les petits garcons - francoise hardy

Self-penned French pop tune by Jacques Dutronc's wife about "The little boys". She recorded this in 1967 for Disques Vogue.
14. le paradis pour toi - arturo motta & ses chicaboums
This 4-track EP features a great cha-cha-cha version of "A kookie little paradise", recorded in 1960 for Bel-Air. He was a drummer and percussionist who mostly recorded cha cha cha instrumentals and boleros.
7. oh non - les houloups

First they recorded as Les Têtes Blanches but changed to Les Hou-loups in 1964. Quite popular Québec garage outfit. It also appeared on their fourth album "Je devine la vérité" in 1967. Great garage yéyé by this French Canadian band. A 1966 release on Apex.
15. hully gully sue - harold nicholas
"Little Latin lupe lu" in a French cocktail served by Harold Nicholas who tried to promote the hully gully in France. His whole repertoire was built on the hully gully, the monkey, the madison and the twist. This EP was released in 1963 on Barclay. See vol 142 for more.
8. mais ne viens plus - les lionceaux

French version of "Don't bother me", a Beatles song from 1963 written by George Harrison. The flipside is also a Beatles cover, "Je te veux tout à moi" or "I wanna be your man". Two years later Herbert Leonard went solo. A 1964 Mercury Records release.
16. oncle john - el toro & les cyclones
French twist tune by Jacques Dutronc's first outfit and of course this is a translation. It's Little Richard's "Long tall Sally". A Vogue release from 1961. On the flipside you'll find a translation of "Gee whiz it's you" as "Vivre sa vie". Most of their songs were translations of American rock 'n' roll tunes, such as "Tiger", "The wanderer", "Skinny Lizzie", ...