"Rebecaracha" - 16 long forgotten dusty oldies from 1938 to 1965

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"Ninety-nine ways to go boppin' with Rebecca at the midnight hour... that's my desire when everything is cha-cha with Hajji Baba..."

1. rebecca - les chakachas

The 60s world champions of cha-cha-cha were Les Chakachas fromů Belgium! Their recording output was huge. In the 70s they turned towards groovy funk instros. This RCA single was released in 1963.

9. cachita - les flambeaux

Steelband version of "Cachita". Not to be confused with Dave Clarke Five's first single "Chaquita". This 1965 Caribbean rendition is perfect at midnight enjoying a bonfire.

2. la cucaracha - werner muller

"La cucaracha", the cockroach, was the name of Pancho Villa's car. This Mexican song was written in 1916 and first recorded in 1934 by Paz Flores y Francisco Montalvo and has become Mexico's best known song. Also in 1934 it was featured in the movie "La cucaracha" and played by Orquesta Pajaro Azul. Thousands of covers would follow, even from Germany in 1955.
10. moppin' and boppin' - fats waller

Rare Dutch EP on His Master's Voice. I'm not sure when it was released, but the recordings are from 1938, when it was released on a shellac 12", also on HMV. Thomas "Fats" Waller was a real Harlem jazz boy, born in 1904. Five years after this recording he died in 1943.
3. everything is cha-cha - king guion

Funny cha-cha instrumental with one line "Everything is cha-cha" from 1959 on Dot Records. King Guion played the clarinet and the saxophone and was already 52 years old when he recorded this silly song.
11. somebody stole my gal (medley) - the johnston brothers

Actually this is a medley: "Somebody stole my gal", "You were meant for me", "I can't give you anything but love", "If you knew Susie", "Ain't she sweet" and "Toot, toot, tootsie". A vocal trio/quartet formed by Johnny Johnston, the only Johnston of the band, so they were no brothers. A Decca release from 1954.
4. hajji baba - nat king cole
The single release is from 1954, but it already appeared on his 1953 album "Unforgettable". We all know Nathaniel Coles, who had his first hit in 1943 as Nat King Cole. Did you know he was the first to record "Route 66" with his band The King Cole Trio in 1946? So, he deserves your respect. "Hajji baba" is an underestimated Middle Eastern flavoured vocal tune that disappeared as the B-side of "Unbelievable".

12. sh-boom - ronnie angel
A cheesy Belgian version of classic "Sh-boom" with an even cheesier organ accompanying this 1962 release on Ronnex.
5. hernando's hideaway - ray martin

This version is the one you hear in the 1957 movie "The pajama game" starring Doris Day. A year later this song was released as a single and later on this EP. Ray Martin was born in Vienna and recorded many tangos in the 50s.
13. ninety-nine ways - charlie gracie
An excellent rock 'n' roll bopper by Philly boy Gracie who needs no introduction. A big fan of his guitar pickin' techniques was The Cramps' Poison Ivy. A 1957 recording. See also vol 137.
6. mary oh mary - fats domino

We all known Antoine Domino from New Orleans. This is a 1964 recording for ABC-Paramount.
14. yeah yeah - billy farrell
A 1958 rock 'n' roll song by Farrell who started recording for MGM in 1949 and went through various record labels leaving us twenty-some 45s. This came out on Date. My copy is a split single on Philips with Jim Sweeney.
7. kandela - perez prado

The uncrowned king of the mambo who's best known for his "Mambo N░5" from 1950. This "Kandela" is from 1951, released on Seeco Records. One of Cuban's most prolific artists.
15. the midnight hour - jim sweeney
Standard rock 'n' roll, not rockabilly, not western swing, not bop or jive, just good ol' RnR from 1958. From a split-single with Billy Farrell.
8. that's my desire - chuck alaimo quartet

Rockin' ballad from 1957 on MGM. Flipside "Leap frog" and "Hop in my jalop" can be found on various compilations. "That's my desire" features a sweaty saxophone. He recorded this with the Chuck Alaimo Quartet. Then one left and they became The Chuck Alaimo Trio releasing one more single "How I love you".
16. mambolino - tito puente
Top year in mambo history was 1955 before it was blown away by rock 'n' roll. As so-called King of the Timbales he mixed mambo and cha-cha as if he were Perez Prado and Xavier Cugat in one person. Featured on his wonderful album "Mamborama" from 1955, but also on this are French single release on Riviera.