"Tickets to Fieber" - 16 global gems from all over Europe and from Canada

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE136
"German, Italian, Flemish, Japanese, Spanish and even a kind of English can be heard on these garbage gems...

1. naomi no yume - naomi inui

Original version "I dream of Naomi" was recorded in 1970 by Hedva and David (see vol 73). This Japanese translation from 1971 is even better than the original; perhaps people thought it was written especially for Naomi Inui. That same year Takeshi Inomata & Sound Unlimited recorded their own version, based on this one. It was famous in Japan thanks to the Israeli original on the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. In Israel the song was known as "Ani holem al Naomi". A Tam release from 1971.

9. mony - mike verdrengh

Koelewijn also wrote this flipside. Funny soul-rock with fuzz guitars and horns like so many artists in Belgium in 1969, mostly under influence of the Jess & James sound.

2.un billete compro - francesco heredero

The Beatles' "Ticket to ride" in Spanish. He recorded more than 20 singles in 1963-1968. This EP was issued in 1965 by Discos Vergara.
10. daisy does - joe harris & the pink umbrellas

There were so many artists in the late 60s in Belgium that jumped on the Jess & James wagon, mixing rock and soul. Joe Harris at his most "psychedelic". He recorded a Flemish version of Louie Louie in 1964. He was born Georges Lisabeth. An Arcade Records release from 1968.
3. geld is maar papier - paul severs & the criminals

In 1967 there was "Meisjelief I want you", my fave Severs song, and in 1969 followed "Puzzels", my second fave. This is my number three, a 1968 song sung in Flemish. He sings "Money is only paper". Late 60s beat from Belgium on CBS Records. See also vols 3 and 59.
11. la question - david hamilton

One smash hit and then… nothing? Listen to this psychedelic freakout on the B-side of "Rosemary", his second single from 1970.
4. tre passi avanti - adriano celentano
One of the greatest in Italy, but unknown to the rest of the world until 1972. This 1967 release on his own Clan label is simply great.

12. le rhythme du rock - jackie seven
Female version of an early Eddy Mitchell? Who was she? She recorded several singles for Disques Vogue in the early 60s and one more on Barclay in 1966.
5. fieber - cindy ellis

Undoubtedly the finest German version of "Fever". Recorded in 1959 by Evelyn Asal, better known as Cindy Ellis. This was her first effort and four more 45s would follow in the next few years.
13. blue-jean's rock - jackie seven
These two sides are splendid French rock 'n' roll from 1961. Definitely a Gene Vincent lover. She also covered Elvis and Chuck Berry.
6. abortus - the fellows

Hilarious song about a girl asking a doctor for an abortion. At the end of the song it's clear that the biological father of the unborn is actually the doctor who was drunk after a party. The flipside of the song is an ode to the birth control pill. Belgian sarcasm from around 1970 on Domi Records.
14. demain - romuald

Hully-gully-surf à la français. A yéyé song about "Tomorrow" from his second EP in 1964. Romuald Figuier recorded for Disc'AZ in the 60s.
7. twist marie - the rythm masters

A silly Louis Prima-like twist song sung in Flemish by The Rythm Masters (sic) on Belgian record label Helia from Sint-Niklaas. Kraftone was a sublabel. Released in 1962.
15. ne t'en vas pas - jacques albino
Belgian singer who recorded this French ballad in 1969 for Disques Vogue. The A-side is the better side (see vol 4).
8. do it now - mike verdrengh

Television icon in Belgium in the 90s and already a famed actor in the 60s, he recorded two singles for Philips. This bubblegum pop was his first, sung in Dutch and written by Peter Koelewijn.
16. ils ont deja vingt ans - les defacq
Father Eddie Defacq had several releases on Philips and Hebra Records in the 60s and 70s. This is with his entire family. Don't flip to the A-side, only this side is interesting. A Belgian release from 1972 on Hebra Records.