"Double troubles" - 8 sixties singles turned over and over again

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"Don't send me away to Dodge City because times have changed; I wonder why..." 

1. it's easy child - dr t & the undertakers

Known for their "Undertakers theme" that has resurfaced on several compilations and also their splendid instrumental "Deceased". This is pretty standard garage beat from 1967 on Target Records.

9. hey mister sun - bobby sherman 

A feel-good song about the sun and happy happy joy joy by this Californian singer from 1970. My copy with picture sleeve is not on Metromedia, but on Cardinal Records.

2. times have changed - dr t & the undertakers

This is the better side. Florida based outfit with a popsike tune about the changing times in 1967, released on Target Records.
10. two blind minds - bobby sherman

Folk-pop and soul blending together in this typical 1970 sound. It's been a long way from his debut single on Condor Records, "I'll never tell you".
3. big bad jon the twister - jon kennedy

The twist, the slop, the monkey, the watusi, the pop-eye, Jon Kennedy did them all. He was not the king of the twist, but I sure prefer his version of twisted twistin' tunes.
11. san antonio rose - roger williams

Louis Weertz was already 40 years old when he recorded this piano instrumental for Kapp Records in 1964. His biggest hit came 9 years earlier, "Autumn leaves". Until the mid-70s he recorded several albums a year. I can't tell why I like this B-side of the Hank Williams song "Cold, cold heart".
4. pop-eye time - jon kennedy
I assume this was his one and only attempt to reach for stardom. The year was 1962. Novelty pop was all around and Bingo Records operated from Memphis, Tennessee.

12. it ain't what you got - the panics
In 1962 they released their first single as Sonny Richards & The Panics on Chancellor Records. More would follow on Swan and Philips, like this beat rocker from 1964.
5. light bulb - the five kings

Only two 45s are known by these Five Kings, a fabulous doo-wop outfit. They recorded this in 1964 for Columbia. This is the Dutch release with a picture sleeve on CBS.
13. dodge city - the ramblers
Obviously a Joe Meek production. Early 60s instrumental rock 'n' roll outfit with guitar, bass, saxophone, drums and eerie sound effects. A Decca release.
6. don't send me away - the five kings

Slower doo-wop tune on the B-side, perfect for a sleazy dance routine in the middle of the floor.
14. just for chicks - the ramblers
Most young guys started to play rock 'n' roll "just for chicks". Excellent early 60s instrumental from the UK; B-side of "Dodge City".
7. if you didn't hear me the first time, i'll say it again - the sandpebbles

This B-side of "Flower power" is my fave Sandpebbles song, written by Teddy Vann, like most of their songs. Great midtempo soul song.
15. it's all right - tino & the blacks
Tino is actually Tino Serlet ("I love Marianne", "Please stay"). He recorded this typical Belgian beat song in 1969, five years too late, for Ronnex.

8. love keeps rolling on - the sandpebbles

The grooviest of these four Sandpebbles tracks. From 1968, the follow-up of "Flower power".
16. i wonder why - tino & the blacks
A bit better than "It's all right" is this flipside. He began in 1961 ("Christina" and recorded most of his singles with The Blacks. Even in the 70s he was still active. At least 18 singles are known.