"Holiday in Belgium" - 16 tunes from the land of beers and chocolate

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE132
"A Belgian Tom Jones, Hawaiian Belgians, Belgian record labels,... and remember that French fries are actually Belgian too..." 

1. hello mr. brown - big brown & the gamblers & the 230

In 1962 the madison and the twist ruled in Belgium and also the Hammond organ was everpresent. It's the same guy who gave us "Menin Aeide Thea". This was his third and last single, issued by Palette Records.

9. holiday in honolulu - the waikikis 

Oh, yes, this was a Belgian combo. They believed Ostend and Oahu were neighbours. A Holiday in Honolulu? They never even got there. But one of their songs made it to the soundtrack of SpongeBobSquarePants in 2004. They existed from 1961 until 1970 and recorded many albums and singles, like this one from 1967 on Palette Records.

2. pep's - the cousins

Fantastic guitar instrumental by Belgium's best known instro combo, from Brussels; also on their album "The Cousins live" from 1964.

10. creep - micky day & les caravelles

Excellent instrumental written by Roland Thyssen in 1968 for Micky Day backed by Les Caravelles. Thyssen also wrote the flipside, a Herb Alpert style instrumental. A Philips release.
3. the farmers dance - frank friday

Silly Belgian organ instrumental from 1969 based on an old Flemish folk tune "Zie de boerinnekes hun rokskes draaien". A W.B. Sound release.
11. mary mary maria - france ariel

Second of five 45s for Golden Music by this Belgian singer. Her best song is "Mon vieux tacot". This could have been on "Swinging Mademoiselles"… Recorded in 1970.
4. i want you (you want me) - the free action
B-side of their only single release in 1971 on Monopole. A fuzz guitar solo break is not enough to turn this song into a classic. Belgian outfit "with a new Teddy Bear Sound".

12. the day is gone - chris mac donald
Written by Clauwers/Sigo, the guys behind The Jokers, a famous  instrumental combo from Antwerp. Mac Donald was called the Belgian Tom Jones. Still this was his sole output, from 1969 on the Reward label.
5. heartache - the marvels

Northern soul groover that was also a hit on the Belgian popcorn dance floor (pitched down, of course) from 1968. This is the Belgian release by Frankie Records.
13. dans mon coeur - jean gilbert & the game brothers
Rare Belgian 45 from 1970 on Monopole Records, a small independent label from Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium. One of the few French sung releases on that label. Excellent late 60s yéyé beat from Brussels.
6. un homme est venu - georges et jacky sindress

Canadian yéyé pop beat from 1966 by these two brothers who were also active in Les Associés. Belgian release on Hebra Records.
14. milkbar - the twilights
Belgian freakbeat from 1970. Written by Gene van den Ostenden, who wrote most of the band's material.
7. i want to be your baby - johnny richard

It's a Belgian artist and that's all I know about this late 60s soul-beat tune. Released in 1970 on the Belgian record label of Arcade Records.
15. look at me - shake
Golden Music is a Belgian record label, but I'm not sure about the band. They might be French. Two great early 70s organ instrumentals with wah-wah guitar.
8. catch as catch can - the mec-op singers

Psychedelic soul pop from Belgium. It was their 4th Hebra single. Two more would follow and also one on EMI in1970. Written by Mike Steven aka Michel Sterkendries, the singer-guitarist, and André "Ray" Vaet.

16. tune for bit - el youcee
Flipside to their great version of Adriano Celentano's "Prisencolinensinainciusol". There is a connection with Hazy Osterwald, a terrific bandleader.  Produced by Peter Plum who produced some albums for Hergé. Instrumental from 1973 on Barclay.