"Mirage" - 16 cuts from the sexy sixties

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE131
"Ebony images from my mirage on the bad side of the moon as a midnight snack for rockin' crickets..." 

1. my mirage - iron butterfly

B-side of a rare Spanish EP, but also on their "In -a-gadda-da-vida" album from 1968. Almost five minutes long psychedelic rock tune. See also vols 157 and 181 for more Iron Butterfly songs.

9. image - alan haven 

Popcorn instrumental that was one of the themes used by Radio Caroline North in 1965. Jazz organist Haven's second single on Fontana.

2. i live for the sun - the sunrays

Vocal surf pop from 1965. They formed in 1964 and disbanded three years later. Still they managed to have 8 singles released and one full album. Manager was ex-Beach Boys manager Murry Wilson, father of Brian, Carl and Dennis.
10. searching - steve wright

There are so many artists called Steve Wright. I don't know which one this is. He recorded this Leiber-Stoller song in 1966 for Atco Records.
3. bad side of the moon - toe fat

Clear red vinyl promo release on Rare Earth in 1970. Short-lived psychedelic rock outfit with two albums and a handful of singles.
11. take a look - webster's new word

Folk-rock by this short-lived outfit. There are at least two singles on RCA and two on Columbia. This was their second release from 1966.
4. big bad wolf - brian diamond & the cutters
Mid-60s beat record from 1965. They recorded at least 4 singles in those days. This song was also translated into German as "Keine Angst Little Woman" for Vogue Schallplatten.

12. ebony - jim pewter
With the help of Davie Allan recorded in 1969, yet unreleased until 1972. He has worked with many artists such as Sonny Curtis, Nino Tempo, Jerry Allison… It's early 70s rock 'n' roll while nobody else was playing this kind of music. See also vol 135.
5. midnighter - the champs

"You can get him Frankenstein" as an instrumental? Much underrated tune from 1958 by the "Tequila" boys. Released on Challenge. See vol 177 for the flip.
13. love is blue - les baxter
Originally sung in French ("L'amour est bleu") by Vicky Leandros in 1967 and as an instrumental a chart topper by French bandleader Paul Mauriat. In 1968 Les Baxter recorded this spiced up orchestral version for GNP Crescendo.
6. midnight snack - the fantastic zoo

Silly 1966 folk garage tune by this outfit that released two singles for Double Shot Records in 1966-1967. Don Cameron and Eric Karl previously played with the Fogcutters, who gave us a splendid version of Johnny Otis' "Castin' my spell". In 1969 Karl left to form Bodine.
14. rockin' crickets - the magi
Unknown band to me. Fantastic exotica instrumental with a scorching saxophone and guitar licks like rockin' crickets. It's 1965 but it sounds like 1959. Who were these guys? See also vol 133.
7. le jet - les pirates

Twist yéyé with a Chubby Checker tune by Dany Logan (or Daniel Deshayes) and his Pirates in 1961 and about a dozen singles later it was all over in 1963. It's like you're at a beach party in Saint-Tropez.
15. it must have been the wind - the fun and games
Popsike tune from 1968 on Uni.
8. too much firewater - lorenzo smith

Apache and Sioux Indians do the backing vocals on this wild instrumental from 1958. Guitar, sax, organ and more guitar is all I need to get crazy. Too much whiskey on Mar-Vel Records in 1958.
16. i'm waiting for you - the twilights
Their debut single on Cardinal Records in 1967. Eurobeat from Belgium. Four singles would follow, including the one on vol 132.