"Girls in love" - 16 tributes to and/or from all kinds of girls

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE130
"A mother, a lover, a sinner or a bitch? I pity the woman who can't get turned on by this..." 

1. girls in love - john smith & the new sound

When the real John Smith left the band and moved to Australia, the manager looked for a new singer, but didn't change the name of the band. Here David Byron is singing in 1968. This mod-soul rocker is the B-side of "See see rider" on Vogue.

9. you put a wall between us - koffie 

And here is that flipside to "You don't know - get ready". She's obviously a big fan of Aretha and Erma Franklin. Great uptempo soul.

2. you don't know-get ready - koffie

A medley of two soul classics by a girl (or band?) called Koffie, the Dutch word for coffee. Philips released this as flipside to "You put a wall between us" in 1968.
10. shirley, shirley - tr5

At least three 45s are known by TR-5.  Sunshine pop with an uptempo beat and some horns. Written and produced by John Hill for Kapp Records in 1969.
3. you caught me off guard - joanne touchstone

Incredible northern soul stomper by a girl who still has to be discovered. Both sides were under production of Bill Justis. A Sound 7 Stage release from 1965.
11. she ain't lovin' you - the distant cousins

On the thin line between teenieboppin' frat rock and garage pop. 1966 was a year everything was changing towards the loss of innocence in '67-'68. This outfit was active from 1965 till 1967.
4. desert train - big secret
Teenieboppin' glam soul girl duo Enry and July aka Big Secret  came from Belgium. It's feel good music on a feel good record label Sugar Plum. Also in 1973 they released a second 45 and then they seem to have vanished.

12. workin' for my lady - john frogg
Obscure soulful popsike on an obscure record label, Le Grand, from Norfolk, Virginia. I don't know anything about the band nor the label. Also the flipside is terrific. See vol 127.
5. pancho - dee-dee

Another Belgian release, from 1967 by young girl Dee-Dee. If this were sung in French, it would've been featured on the Ultra Chicks compilations or even "Girls in the garage". Not made in France, no Monsieur, made in Belgium.
13. right on mother - big shot
Early 70s single as an ode to the British sitcom "On The Buses". This flipside, however, is a cover version of Peter Noone's 1971 single, written by David Bowie.
6. eh! ce garcon la - les fizz

Jacques Denjean co-wrote this song in 1965 for this all-girl trio. Also available on an EP, on Polydor as well. Yy girl pop from France.
14. she said no - shake
Jess & James meets Andre Brasseur on this  early 70s funky instrumental from Belgium. Released on Golden Music.
7. the grooviest girl in the world - the fun and games

Teeniebopper from 1968 with a guitar line you have heard a million times before. Uni released a few singles more and also a full album in 1968, "Elephant candy", featuring both sides of this 7".
15. little girl - sincerely yours
Highly collectable 60s record label from Detroit that is best known for their releases of Shades Of Blue. "Little girl" is a cheerful uptempo tune, like some others on this volume.
8. pity the woman - webster's new word

West-Coast popsike la Mamas and Papas from 1966. It's the only release I know from this mixed outfit.
16. little woman - the vipers
I end this volume with another Belgian release. In 1970 The Vipers were a well known band in Belgium.  Marc Malyster also played with Waterloo. He ended his career with the awful outfit The Veterans (remember their "I'm jogging"?). More Vipers with an Electric Prunes cover on vol 59.