"Mosquito troubles" - 16 ear damaging assaults of the common sense

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE129
"There's only one thing more annoying than a mosquito in your bedroom: bad background music. This selection is so bad, you'll love any mosquito instead."

1. completement idiot - les doubles dingues

Crazy novelty beat tune from France, recorded in 1965. Only for lovers of idiot music… I love it! It works perfect after drinking three bottles of red wine and it helps if you can understand the drunken French lyrics.

9. the proof of the pudding - king's kounty karnival 

One of the silliest song titles I know. This is their only release I know and I have no idea who's behind this outfit. Garage pop from 1968 on United Artists.

2. moskito - gary wynn

Don't you hate it when a mosquito is buzzing around your head in bed? That's how the song begins. Actually it's a German sung version of the Doors' "The mosquito" from their 1972 "Full circle" album. Gary Wynn translated it in the same year. Interesting to know is thatAn Intercord release.
10. el fantasma - manuel de gomez y sus cansados

Spooky B-side of "El tranvia de los toros" (remember his "El tren de Paris"?) is what I thought the first 5 seconds of this Spanish sung about a ghost. Olé Olé and the ghost is gone. A 1969 Hebra release.
3. the congressional record - the hardly-worthit players

Produced by Chip Taylor (of Troggs fame). Old MacDonald transformed into an anti-C.I.A. song? Hilarious! It's the same guys who gave us the two Wild Thing versions by Senator Bobby and Senator Everett McKinley a year before in 1966. Also released on Parkway.
11. sweet georgia brown - theophile & bernard, the exciting good guys

I only know two releases on the Raydin label, this one and the first one by The Saints, both from 1967. Crazy novelty tune for a future Wavy Gravy compilation? See vol 135 for the flipside and their version of a Les Baxter tune.
4. the impeachment story - steel, jake & jeff
A radio-deejay is asking questions and the short refrain/chorus-samples of well known songs from the early 70's are the answers, all with a political message towards the impeachment of president Nixon. In the late 50s this technique was popular, so I was surprised to find this on a 1974 record.

12. the kissin' dance - frank friday
W.B.Sound is the record label guilty of releasing this proof of ultra bad taste in instrumental music failing to launch a new dance craze, something people weren't interested in anymore since 1965. This is 1969 and already then Frank Friday should've been ashamed for recording something like this. It's too silly to ignore, though haha.
5. uncle dracula's party - bobby setter's cash & carry

Also in 1974, when Moog and other synthesizers were trying to take over the guitar scene. This is tooo bad to be ignored. A vampire movie should've been made with this kind of songs as soundtrack.
13. ulalajehjeh - lilac street band
Ignace Baert wrote both sides of this 1971 release on Polydor. It reminds me of an acid rock version of Patrick Topaloff's "Ouh-la-la". Lilac Street Band hailed from Ghent, Belgium, and released half a dozen singles in 1970-1972.
6. organ vibrations - soul vibrations

Funky Hammond-groove instrumental by one of Bernard Estardy's many one-off studio projects. Here he's helped by Gabriel Yared from Beirut. A 1975 release on Disques Apollo.
14. kirk's twist - kirk viking
Anyone an idea who this French singing rocker was? In 1962 he recorded "It's twist time" and this "Kirk's twist" for Ronnex Records, a Belgian record label. Oh, after listening it a second time, I discovered it's English he's trying to sing. Obviously a fan of Johnny Hallyday.
7. heavy steppin' - lou toby & his heavies

Flipside of "The impeachment story" by Steel, Jake & Jeff. This instrumental starts with a super funky blastin' sample of "Papa was a rolling stone". Heavier bass sounds than, say, Carwash and it always works on the dance floor.
15. lady espana - the beat fellows
The label says "jerk", I say it's James Last and Herb Alpert after too many pills and taking up the trumpets to create a dancing tune. Actually, it works; strange. They had at least four 45s on Le Phare, all from 1970 and are sought after. From Belgium, both the label and the band. See vol 133 for more Beat Fellows 45s.
8. lai, lai, lai - christine & serge ghisoland

Ever heard their "Marilyn"? See vol 23. It's late 60s psychedelic French pop by a couple that performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1972. Serge wrote a lot of songs for various French artists in the 70s, including Crazy Horse and Chocolat's.
16. mosquito troubles - gary wynn
And if that mosquito is still buzzing around your head, you're going to have Mosquito Troubles. This song is the ultimate mosquito nightmare. Listen to the war against mosquitos. It's worse than war on the worlds, more brutal than the Vietnam war, it's the fight of man against bugs.