"For fuzz sake part 2" - 16 additional friendly fuzz freak-outs

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE128
"Let's live for today, if you're ready, cause my gypsy baby is walking high..." 

1. i'm walking high - evolution

When the Vampires disbanded, this Spanish/German group formed the more successful Evolution. This instrumental 190 release on Dimension has some fierce fuzz guitar breaks.

9. let's live for today - the grassroots 

Certainly their best track ever, recorded in 1967 for Dunhill Records and even reaching the US Top 10. A big name in the US, but not in Belgium. Only a handful of people know the band on this side of the Atlantic. They were called The Bedouins when these 17-year old youngsters were discoverd by Barri/Sloan in 1965.

2. here comes the day - half crown

Released on Pirate's, a Belgian record label, also in 1970. First class popsike with female vocals.
10. it's a gas - the hombres

Formed in 1966 in Memphis, Tennessee and a year later they recorded this oddball psych novelty rocker for Verve Forecast. It's the flipside to the hilarious "Am I high" (see vol 127)
3. gypsy - chubby checker

Ernest Evans conquered the world in 1960 as Chubby Checker and launched the Twist hype. In 1973 he was far away from the twist, the limbo, the pony and the fly. This is psychedelic breakbeat funk at an incredible pace during almost 5 minutes. My second favourite Chubby tune, after "At the discotheque".
11. the way my baby walks - the blues project

Another Verve Forecast release from a year earlier. It's 1966 when Al Kooper and his band recorded this fuzz garage instrumental as flipside for the marvelous "I can't keep from crying" (see vol 127)
4. celebration - premiata forneria marconi
…better known as PFM. A Moog synthesizer was not that uncommon anymore in 1973 for progrock bands, certainly in Italy. Celebration is an excellent  track, mostly instrumental. Tip for deejays: end the song at 1:54…

12. if you're ready - the will-o-bees
A 1967 release on Date and their second. Garage pop with a swirling organ and a fuzz guitar break over vocal harmonies.
5. medicine man - the new inspiration

Formed in 1966 and disbanded in the mid-70s by Jacques Verdonck, an important person in the Ghent music scene in the 60s. He was called the Belgian Colonel Parker. Typical Belgian glam rock from the early 70s.
13. the upper hand - the syndicate of sound
Their first release was the garage classic "Little girl". All the following releases failed to equal that instant quality. Also this B-side of "Rumors" is not strong enough to forget their debut release. San Diego had another "one hit wonder" in the world of garage rock, Count Five.
6. rockin' sally - the new inspiration
And this was their final release. Many of the New Inspiration songs were co-written by Velt, a pseudonym for Jacques Verdonck. "Rockin' Sally" is spacey funkrock from 1975 with loads of fuzz and wah-wah, released on Philips.

14. chicken little was right - the turtles
Released right after "Happy together", their biggest hit.The band was formed from the ashes of a surf group, The Crossfires, and was one of the first names to sign for the new record label, White Whale Records, that issued this 45 in 1967.
7. screaming night hop - steppenwolf

The "Easy Rider" days were all over in 1970. Still this song has something I can't explain.
15. cause my baby - tony jackson
Mid 70s funk rock from the UK, not to be confused with the other Tony Jackson from The Searchers. Reminds me a bit of the mid-70s Philly sound. Released on the French label Disc AZ.
8. happy birthday - georgio

Some sleeves mention Giorgio. Yes, it's Giorgio Moroder. This is the US release on Atco from 1969. Oh, there's also a German sung version.
16. fruitstand man - five by five
There aren't many garage bands from Arizona. Their best effort, perhaps, was their version of Jimi Hendrix' "Fire". Still, this flipside to a fantastic version of "Apple cider" is too good to be thrown away. Released on Paula Records in1969.