"For fuzz sake" - 16 freak-outs for fuzz friends

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE127
"Doctor Rhythm, am I high? No, Mr. Open Minded, but she's so fine..." 

1. don't want to cry - buckinghams

Fantastic fuzzpunker from 1966 on USA Records, the first of 4 on that Chicago label. The fourth was #1 chart topper "Kind of a drag" and then they moved to Columbia and it was over.

9. i can't keep from crying - the blues project 

Al Kooper's band with a psychedelic bluesy fuzz garage tune from 1966 released on Verve Folkways, as New York's answer to West Coast band Grateful Dead. Later they became Blood, Sweat & Tears. The next volume features the flipside.

2. east side story pt2 - bob seger

This is the instrumental side of "East side story", the 1966 debut single of Bob Seger, with the Last Heard. This copy came on Abkco and it's entitled "East side story pt2", which is the same as "East side sound". Fuzz galore.
10. am i high - the hombres

Garage rock novelty from Memphis, Tennessee. Also a follow-up single, the first being the hit single "Let it all hang out". Very funny song about being high, from 1967 on Verve Forecast. The even nuttier flipside is on vol 128.
3. one step at a time - tr5

Kapp Records  released this psychedelic pop song in 1969. On vol 130 you can find the better flipside.
11. tender savage - the carnaby street set

A 1967 Columbia release as flip to "I was Bill Kaiser's batman", "Tender savage" is an instrumental that has nothing to do with this volume. It is "tender", not "savage". I want to be joking, as well, sometimes.
4. mr. open minded - the smubbs
"Rosary Ann" appeared on their sole album "This is the end of the night" from 1969, also on Monument. The B-side is a single only release. Unknown West-Coast popsike tune.

12. times are gonna be different - the loading zone
First 45 by this Oakland, California band, released on Columbia in 1966. Formed by ex-members of The Marbles.
5. peace of mind - count five

Follow-up of their smash hit "Psychotic reaction", also from 1966 on Double Shot. A San Jose outfit formed in 1964 that performed wearing Dracula capes. Great psychedelic garage punk band that disbanded in 1969.
13. silver gum drop tree - john frogg
From Norfolk, Virginia comes this 45 on Le Grand. "Workin' for my lady" has reappeared on various compilations, but not this nutty B-side with strange effects and weird vocals.
6. rumors - the syndicate of sound

Also from San Diego and formed at the same time as Count Five. Their "Little girl" was also a big hit. This follow-up release failed the charts and four years later in 1970 they disbanded too. For the flipside, see vol 128.
14. rainy day stagedoor mama - the nirvana banana
Funky popsike stomper by a band I know only one single of. It's from 1967 on Columbia.
7. doctor rhythm - the dave clark five

London outfit formed in the late 50s by drummer Dave Clark and active until 1970. This is from their second, more popsike, period and for me it's their best. Uptempo beat, fuzz bass guitar and catchy melody… what more do you need for a 60s punk party?
15. she's so fine - evolution

Heavy psychedelic 1970 release from Spain by this Spanish/German outfit, ex-The Vampires. Also check out the flipside on vol 128.
8. i've been dreaming - the soul society

West-Coast harmonies from 1968 on Showco Records, a Texas based label. On vol 133 you can find the flipside.
16. i'm leaving here - the k-otics
And now back to that magical year of 1966 with the K-Otics and their sole release, a snotty fuzz punker on Bang with a Louie Louie riff.