"Monsieur le magicien" - 16 'trucs magiques' from Belgium and France

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"NMC, Hebra, Ranch, Robar, Victory, Show,... are a few of the numerous small labels active in Belgium during the magical 60s..." 

1. monsieur le magicien - chris eden

Belgian song by 23 year old Chris Eden aka Christian Adam, his first single, released on New Music Corporation. French sung popsike from 1968.

9. a petits pas - eve chadel 

I only know this release from this Belgian girl, who co-wrote the song. A Ranch release.

2. terre lune - les benjamins

Obscure second and last 45 by this Belgian outfit from 1971. It's a moody psychedelic spacey tune. French sung, released on Decca.
10. oh toi marie de galilee - crischa

A completely unknown Belgian release about "Mary from Galilea", a Jesus Christ Superstar styled song from 1974.
3. tu ne viens pas - alex busanel

Again a New Music Corporation release, a little bit more yé-yé, from 1970. During the 70s and 80s he recorded a lot more records. I guess this must have been his very first recording.
11. de un a dix - france jamar

Also known as France Ariel (see vols 47 and 132). Finger-snapping yéyé tune that should have been on one of the 6 Ultra Chicks compilations. Belgian release from 1966 on Hebra Records.
4. chez les grecs - trio athenee
Subtitled "Oyez-les" this 1967 Vogue EP is their best output I know. Speedy, Dutronc-styled, crazy novelty yéyé-beat never meant to be taken seriously.

12. j'ai ete voir sa mere - joel simon
The next unknown Belgian beat boy with this excellent tune from 1967 on Passe-Partout Records. It was reissued by His Master's Voice with a different picture sleeve.
5. aimer le jour - the lucky tramps

Released in 1965 on Show Records from Belgium. A yéyé-beat tune not to be ignored.

13. la secretaire - georges et jacky sindress
Belgian beat release from 1966 on Hebra Records. They also recorded under the moniker of Les Associés, with several releases on Festival.
6. trop de pepees - walter & les faucons

Fantastic obscure Belgian Beat on Robar from 1963 with a great fuzz guitar break and  serious nod to the early Stones. Better than the French outfits such as Les Chats Sauvages, Les Chaussettes Noires and other bands that were around in 1963.
14. ma loulou - marc aryan
You love him or you hate him. I hate his songs so much I love them. It's hard to describe his sound. See vols 65 and 101 for more Aryan songs. Born Harutyune Markarian with Lebanese/Armenian origins. He had his own record label, Markal Disques.  This is a Markal release from 1965.
7. couleurs - william sheller

Big name in France, but not in 1968. Was this his debut release? Fantastic French psychedelic pop. Backing band were Les Irrésistibles, which was actually an American band operating in Paris, France and were previously known as The Beloved Ones.
15. le soleil de tes yeux - les faux freres
Les Faux Frères (the Wrong Brothers) featured Gaston Schaefer, who co-wrote this 1968 song about the sunshine in your eyes. A typical late 60s French tune, issued by Evasion Disques.
8. on ne fait pas ce qu'on veut - jacques albin

Belgian yéyé pop singer whose best effort was the 1969 single "Carré blanc", also on Vogue. This is from a year later.
16. crazy horse - the friends