"Las Ungawas grind part 2" - 16 more grinding greats from the isles of Ungawa

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE125
"Cleopatra and Geronimo havin' chills and fever doin' the slauson with Mad Maggie in Surgassa..." 

1. cat nip - dave baby cortez

A 1960 release on Clock, one of his finest organ grindind instrumentals. It's a cool jerk tune for a Las Vegas strip joint.

9. mambo bacan - sophia loren 

From the days that mambo tried to fight rock 'n' roll, Sophia Loren (as did Brigitte Bardot) was more at ease singing Latin tunes. She's backed by the orchestra of the legendary Armando Trovaioli. Released on RCA in 1955.

2. pasha - the ramrocks

Fantastic Eastern flavoured instro from 1962 on Press Records. Actually it's a cover version of "In a Persian market", a big hit for Sammy Davis Jr. The first performance was in 1927 in Vancouver by Patrick Wedd. Della Reese also transformed it into "Take my heart".
10. take a rest - freddy scott & the four steps

He was a Florida born drummer and singer, not to be confused with the Rhode Island singer-songwriter, Freddy Scott. Uptempo soulful instrumental from 1965 on the Marlin label and B-side of the magnificent "Same ol' beat".
3. geronimo - ray costa five

A terrific version of the classic "Geronimo". I have no idea who Ray Costa was. I only know it was a Belgian outfit who had this sole release on a small Dutch label Top Hit Club in 1963.
11. mad maggie - ronnie tyler & the knighthawks

Another crazy instro by Ronnie Tyler like Mad Mike joining Joe Meek with this "Mad Maggie" from 1960, the B-side of his "Montezuma"; see previous volume.
4. the puddy tat song - skipper ryle
A kitty cat song from 1963 on Saxony as if Lord Sutch and Zacherley were in the recording studio having a ball with drunken cats.

12. who's on first - stacy bengal & his six outfielders
1959 saw the release of one of the strangest 45s ever. This side is an excellent instrumental, weird and great. But all the attention goes to the hilarious flipside which I put on the previous volume.
5. slauson, baby, slauson - billy joe & the checkmates

Do the slauson, baby, the slauson. The tremendous drum solo in the middle and the nutty sounds are the reasons why I featured both sides of this Dore release on this series. The flip is on vol 124.
13. thrillin' guitar - lenny leen & the alberts
Guitar instrumental from 1963 on the Belgian label Fly Records from Brussels, but originally on Nashville Records. Also the flip "Pay-pow" is terrific; maybe on a later volume of this series.
6. the crow - jerry & the upbeats

Jerry Shard wrote both songs on this 45. This is a vocal tune about a new dance craze, The Crow. It's 1962 and the world was dancing a new dance every weekend. Wonderful 7".
14. holiday for guitars - buddy merrill
One of my fave guitar players with a unique trademark sound. This 1965 instrumental is a perfect example. The flipside features a fine rendition of "Take five" (see vol 135). Released on Accent. Ever heard his "Green hornet theme" or  "Busy bee"? He is amazing.
7. cleopatra - paul vance

Self-penned instrumental "Cleopatra" is his masterpiece, a hot exotic invitation to the land of the pharaohs from 1962, far away from his home in New York.
15. jikele maveni - ilanga
Here is the blonde Ilanga again, although she had to wear a black wig to look more exotic. Her name wasn't Ilanga, but Ilonka, born in the Netherlands. See vol 124 for more info.
8. surgassa - mike sharpe

Hammond groove jazz with a serious nod to "Spooky", the classic he recorded a year earlier in 1966. It's not as wild as "Spook-a-lou" on vol 124, yet too good to be ignored.
16. chills and fever - jet harris
Terence "Jet" Harris from London, England, was The Shadows' bass player. He was called Jet because he was a fast sprinter. Being an alcoholic he had to leave the band in 1962 and started a solo career. As B-side of "Besame mucho", this 1962 "Chills and fever" never got what it deserved. It is a slow, finger snapping rendition I like a lot.