"Las Ungawas grind" - 16 grinding greats from the isles of Ungawa

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE124
"Queenie Wahini's tiger walk to wild geese with chicken necks in Mecca makes you go hunga hunga on this forbidden planet..." 

1. tiger walk - peter laine

A Belgian release from 1973 on Soul Vista by Peter Laine aka Cornelius Marcel Peeters, born in Antwerp, Belgium in  1926. As clarinetist he soon became a successful bandleader. This exotic jazz-funk groover is one of the best songs from the early 70s released on a 45. The flipside is a typical Latin influenced orchestral tune.

9. hunga hunga - r & the r's 

One of Belgium's hardest to find garage 45s, albeit released in 1970, 4 years too late. Some even consider this the best garage single from Belgium. It was only a B-side. The Wayouts, a Belgian garage band including King Koen, put a tremendous version on their sole album from 2007, "Psychotic retraction".

2. chicken necks - don & juan

Originally released on Big Top, this copy is on Lost Nite. A 1961 rock 'n' roll song by Roland Trone and Claude Johnson aka Don & Juan.
10. mecca - les anonymes

You might know Les Anonymes from Canada and their "Fais attention/Down down" or "Josephine" by the French band. This is the Belgian band that only released this 45 on Fly in 1962. It's an early 60s guitar instrumentals like The Cousins and The Jokers, other famous Belgian guitar bands.
3. wild geese - eddy christiani

A Dutch surf instrumental from 1962 by Eddy Christiani, a guitarist from The Hague. He started recording the late '40s already. This is Ventures stuff, fabulous.
11. montezuma - ronnie tyler & the knighthawks

Ronnie Tyler is marching to Montezuma with his Knighthawks. A 1960 release on Avant Garde. Crazy instumental…
4. wolf gal - skipper ryle
Saxony released this one on its label in 1963. In the same style as Bobby Pickett, Zacherley and Lord Sutch. Perfect for Halloween parties everywhere. The screeching laughter of the girl gives me the creeps each time.

12. i come to demolish cleveland - stacy bengal & his six outfielders
I spent 20 years tracking down this unbelievable novelty gem, adored by Lux Interior. It starts and ends with a backwards message and the rest is even too crazy for the Addams Family. Of all the weird 45s I own, this is #2 in my Top 10 weirdness. #1 is "The spider and the fly" by Bobby Christian.
5. forbidden planet - billy joe & the checkmates

I love this space age instrumental that has remained uncomped, unbelievable. Billy Joe Hunter recorded several 45s for Dore in the early 60s. This one is from 1964.
13. pigmy pt2 - the delegates
Of course you know "Pigmy". It resurfaced on several compilations. This is part 2, the flipside.  Released on Aura in 1965.
6. sour apples - jerry & the upbeats

Another super two-sider. Recorded in 1962 for United Artists. It's his sole release, I guess. Too bad because it's a fantastic instrumental, perfect for "Frolic diner" vol 66. On vol 125 I put the flipside.
14. patrick-jerk - les pros
Promotional EP on Bomo from 1967 with a studio band called Les Pros. A fuzz guitar instrumental that could be used for a biker flick or a secret agent movie.
7. sadie's shawl - paul vance

Paul Vance and his orchestra  delivered a fantastic instrumental tune which should have been the title theme for an exotic spy movie. On Roulette in 1962. He's best known for writing "Itsy bitsy… bikini" and "Leader of the laundromat".
15. aniva? - ilanga
Another Belgian release, from 1969 by Ilanga, née Ilonka Biluska. She was a Dutch singer who lived for a while in South Africa and then decided to record a single in Brussels. Funky blue beat version of a young Myriam Makeba.
8. spook-a-lou - mike sharpe

Groovy uptempo funk-jazz instrumental from 1967 by Mike Sharpe on Audition as follow-up to his 1966 version of "Spooky". This is dancefloorproof.
16. queenie wahini's rock - momo blanca & his king creole's
Aka Burt Blanca in 1973. Hawaii steel guitar instrumental '70s style.  See more of Burt on vols 47, 60, 64, and 77.