"Mambo bip bip" - 16 tropical treats from Trinidad to Fiji and Europe

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"Rumba, cha cha cha, beguine, mambo and more exotic sounds to turn "bip bip" by..." 

1. bip bip - joe dassin

My favourite Joe Dassin song? Bip bip!!! It's the French version of John D. Loudermilk's "Road hog". The original is from 1962, this one three years later. Great mambo yéyé by one of France's greatest artists.

9. chiu chiu - xavier cugat 

Uptempo rumba from 1952 by the grandmaster himself from Girona near Barcelona, Spain.This EP however is from 1960.

2. quiet village - george cates

One of the best versions of this Les Baxter exotica standard, which was also featured on his "Third man theme" LP on Dot Records.

10. brown skin girl - tropicana orchestra

Fantastic cover art! This song is also known as "Ces Zazous-là", a calypso tune on RCA from, I assume, 1957. Not very much is known about this orchestra.
3. le vampire - les pieds de poule

Is this EP really their only release? "Le vampire" is the only self-written song on this 4-track 7" on Polydor from 1966. Horn, clarinet, trombone, banjo, piano, bass and drums are the seven instruments for this weird novelty horror tune.
11. quiere - manuel itturia & su combo

I couldn't believe this was 1975, released in Belgium. Both sides also appear on their "Super cha cha" LP from that same year. For Chakachas lovers.
4. mambo artificial - eddie warner
You may recognize his name from his "Progressive percussions" albums. His real name, though, is Warner Blumann. "Mambo artificial" is one of the heaviest percussive mambo tunes released on a 7".  Wild energy from 1956 on Odeon.

12. war chant - nasilai tropicana group
It's a band from the Fiji Islands, sponsored by the Fiji government. Viking Records released this traditional in 1965.
5. mambo rock - mike pedicin quintette

He's known for the tremendous "Burnt toast and black coffee", but this early (1955!) mambo tune mixes Perez Prado and Billy Haley in a very catchy way. I prefer this to Haley's version.
13. jerk vide - david martial
What a discovery this was! African beguine jerk from around 1970 that should have been on "Ils sont fous ces Gaulois". He recorded more than 20 singles in the 1970s and about a dozen albums. But it's "Jerk vidé" that you should go for.
6. el cocorito - the tropicals

On vol 114 you can find the sexotic "African fever". Both songs don't appear on the fantastic exotic jazz-funk LP "Urubamba", so go for this 45 if you love bands such as Les Chakachas.
14. moonglow cha cha - francis bay
Francis Bay née Bayetz was Belgian's most famous band leader from the 50s till the late 70s. This 1958 recording was featured as well on one album "Swing low great clarinet".
7. that's when love began - erle hall

A funny intermezzo although it wasn't meant to be so. Released on the same record label that gave us "What's your name?" by The Monorays, both from 1958.

15. the jack-ass song - harry belafonte
The calypso king, no doubt about that. I can't help but love this little gem which also appeared on his classic album "Calypso" from 1956.
8. limbo rock - the tides

Lux Interior told us about their "Midnight limbo". This is the flipside, from 1962. Their debut LP contains both tracks and is recommended.

16. in the jungle - the messengers
First known as Mike & The Messengers, but in1971 they released this exotic funk stomper on Rare Earth, perhaps their best effort ever.