"Mojo movie tunes" - 16 requests to remember those old screen gems

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"Secret agent or super hero, dancing girl or sweaty cowboy, once they all were adored in drive-in cinemas..."  

1. the baby elephant walk - trio candido

Issued on the Pacific label in 1962 this weird version of the world famous tune, written by Henry Mancini, from the movie "Hatari" is one of the best recordings by this rather unknown French band.

9. the thing - shu swanson & the savoyards 

Weird fast organ instrumental with a steady drive from 1964 as a flip to "Heartbreak" which can be found on vol 100.  To me this is about the walking hand from The Addams Family.

2. hang 'em high - hugo montenegro

From the 1968 movie "Hang 'em high" by director Ted Post, Hugo Montenegro's attempt to beat Ennio Morricone was not a bad one after all. Just close your eyes and think of Clint Eastwood, who just returned from Sergio Leone.
10. free lovin' - max frost & the troopers

In 1968 American International gave us the movie "Wild in the streets", including a magnificent film score, including two tracks by Max Frost & The Troopers. The organ driven fuzz guitar song "Free lovin'" tells you all about the spirit of the movie.
3. moo goo gai pan - bernie wayne & the 20th century-fox orchestra

This China flavoured instrumental is subtitled "or how I found love in a fortune cookie factory". It's the flipside to the title track of the 1964 20th Century-Fox movie "John Goldfarb, please come home!", sung by Shirley Maclaine. Also in the movie we see Peter Ustinov, Richard Crenna and Jim Backus.
11. cool it baby! - chuck miller

"Teenage rebel" was a 1956 movie featuring Ginger Rogers. "Cool it baby" was written for this movie and sung by Chuck Miller who never sounded more rock 'n' roll than here. On the next volume you get the flipside.
4. the man from u.n.c.l.e. - al caiola
In 1966 United Artists released this EP "Al Caiola plays hit T.V. themes" including a fantastic Batman Theme and his unequalled version of "Theme from The Man from UNCLE".

12. main title from "ride the wild surf" - the astronauts
On vol 120 you already got the flipside "Around and around". This main title from the movie "Ride the wild surf" was written by the legendary Stu Phillips. It's a standard surf movie from 1964 featuring Tab Hunter and Fabian.
5. strange music - claude bolling

It's the B-side that is interesting. Claude Bolling was composer, pianist and also actor and he wrote the soundtrack for this movie. To me "Strange magic" is his most appealing recording ever, if you like to dance on the mod dance floor. I started spinning this tune in the mid-90s. Who knows the 1970 movie "Qui?" with the ever beautiful Romy Schneider?
13. richie's theme - the marketts
Forgive this little cheating… "Richie's theme" is the flipside of their "Batman theme" and it should have been on a soundtrack. Wailin' guitar, swirlin' organ and a catchy riff is all I need in a good instrumental.
6. the joker - sergio mendes & brasil '66

A Herb Alpert production, but still too good to be ignored. And yes, I included it here because I love the Joker in the Batman series. It's the B-side of his debut 45 "Mas que nada". Easy to find, but too often ignored.
14. superman - the clique
If there's Batman, there's also Superman. This Texas band recorded their "Superman" in 1969 for White Whale, although it sounds like it was recorded by Kasenetz-Katz.
7. hello dolly - chris barber & otillie patterson

Another adaptation of a song made famous in a movie.UK Jazz trombonist Chris Barber changed the lyrics here and there, also sung by Irish born Ottilie Patterson on this 1964 release on Columbia.
15. danse du serpent - angelo francesco lavagnino
This is a genuine movie soundtrack, a double 7"EP released by Pathé in 1955. "L'empire du soleil" (Empire of the sun) is a movie about the Incas in the Andes and wildlife in the Guanos Islands near Peru. "Danse du serpent" is a fine instrumental mambo tune.
8. zorro - the chordettes

The old 1957-1960 series of Zorro were pure magic, not the Banderas glamour garbage. Guy Williams is Zorro! This 1957 ode to Zorro by girl band The Chordettes takes you back in time.
16. leila dances - john barry
This comes from the 1963 soundtrack EP "From Russia with love" by John Barry, who wrote "Leila dances", a lurid invitation for the exotic.