"Fuzz factory" - 16 fuzz freakouts from frenzied times

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE119
"What the fuzz is happening here? Plug in your gee-tar and play ree-tar-dead songs...'

1. she's a grabber - red shepard & the flock

Stompin' garage punk on Philips? Yep! This is the only 45 I have by this US combo. "I can't hold on" is a boring ballad, so don't flip sides and stomp your feet and keep sweatin' to this crazy rocker from 1966.

9. don't want you no more - the spencer davis group 

Not so well known B-side of "Time seller", a 1967 Fontana release featuring a terrific organ break followed by a scorching guitar solo while the bass line goes on and on and on.

2. unconscious power - iron butterfly

Late 60s psychedelic garage combo from San Diego that needs no introduction. They became world famous thanks to their huge hit single "In-a-gadda-da-vida". This B-side is also from 1968.
10. she comes in colors - fever tree

Sounds like San Francisco to me in 1967, but this is a band from Houston, Texas, 1970, playing a splendid version of the Arthur Lee's tune. Listen very carefully and think of "Beautiful stranger" by Madonna. I'm sure you'll hear the resemblance.
3. mister man - the raves

Band formed by the Jimenez brothers, Michael and Dave, who also wrote both sides. The 1967 psychedelic pop A-side, "Mother nature", already appeared on several comps, but not this great flipside.
11. you do things - 49th parallel

B-side of "Laborer", I prefer this side though. They must've been the coolest guys ever to come from Calgary near the Canadian Rockies. I've been there and I'm still amazed that a crazy psychedelic garage punk band like 49th Parallel even could start over there.
4. magic window - the royal guardsmen

A Florida based band from Ocala. Six guys whose biggest hit was "Snoopy vs the red dragon" in 1966. Two years later they became a little bit more psychedelic with this "Magic window" which also meant the end of this promising band.
12. mother where's your daughter - the royal guardsmen
Flipside of "Magic window", also on this volume. A Laurie release from 1968 with a prominent role for the organ. A bit too slow for a party, but perfect for a dark room chill night.
5. mr. nobody - the standells

Again a Larry Tamblyn tune that really rocks me. "Mr. Nobody" is a fantastic garage pop tune from that magical year of 1966. It's the flip to the better known "Why pick on me", the title track of their second album.
13. train pt1 - buddy miles express
Yet another train song by this funk hero who had a hit with his "Memhis train". But this 1968 release was his first.
6. girls, girls, girls - mick & the shambles

"Lonely nights again" is one of my all-time favourite tunes from 1966. This B-side reveals their rock 'n' roll origins. Did they release another 45? I don't believe so. What a shame…
14. daddy long legs - lindsay muir's untamed
A 1966 Planet release and I even think their sole release under that moniker. Formerly known as The Untamed with three releases, including one on Planet. On one of their recordings a young Jimmy Page was session guitarist. A more than decent mod rockin' tune.
7. hearts and flowers - music explosion

Another Laurie release, this time from 1967 by a band that gave us pearls like "I see the light" and "Little bit o' soul". This entry is a wonderful psychedelic instrumental. It's unlike anything else they ever did.
15. within a world of you - a group called eve
Issued on the Abbey label from Chicago in 1969, while the band hailed from Cleveland, Ohio. The jingle jangle Byrds sound is all over.
8. i'm alive - the clique

So many garage bands recorded Tommy James' "I'm alive". This is one of the best efforts, coming from Houston, Texas. It's amazing that this is 1970. I'd swear it's 1967. But when you flip the 45, it's definitely 1970. For other Clique entries, see vols 120, 121 and 147.
16. she's so far out she's in - the power plant
One of Thomas Baker Knight's most surprising songs is this one, also recorded by Billy Fury (see vol 6) and Dino, Desi & Billy, both in 1966. In 1967 issued by Diamond Records (known for their Ronnie Dove releases). I know absolutely nothing about this band, but I do know this recording was produced by Baker Knight himself.