"Instro amnesia" - 14 wild instro-monsters and 2 that should've been instrumentals

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE118
"From Italy's Vesuvius to Belgium's desert and Northern Ireland, through the sand on a hot rod from way out..."

1. amnesia - the mysterions

Despite the song title, you'll never forget this instrumental monster after hearing it. In 1960 it was released b/w "Transylvania" on the Warwick label.

9. from way out to way under - shadows of knight 

One of Chicago's best groups from the 60s. Their version of Otis Redding's "Shake" is among the finest ever recorded. This instrumental is the flipside. Psychedelic distorted guitar sounds for a new state of mind.

2. the sandstep - the nilsmen

From Sweden comes this (freak)beat quintet, known for their dance floor smash song "Le winston". This Hammond beat instro is its A-side. Recorded in 1968 for RJR, part of Philips.
10. paint it black - the soulful strings

Cadet released this exotica flavoured instrumental version of the Stones' classic in 1966. This combo also originated from Chicago and was founded by bass player Richard Evans. This is their debut single. "Paint it black" was also featured on their first album.
3. desert patrol - guido carnagy

A Belgian library tune from 1970 that has failed to appear on one of the hundreds of compilations of jazzy hammond groove sounds. Think of a mix between Alan Hawkshaw and Andre Brasseur. I have one other 45 by Carnagy (seel vol 142). And there's also one album "The Trans Electronic Sound of", which includes all the singles tracks. This fantastic instrumental is the B-side of "Genesis".
11. rumble '69 - kasenetz-katz singing orchestral circus

I first heard of Kasenetz-Katz thanks to Poison Ivy of the Cramps who's first song on guitar was "Quick Joey Small" The Cramps' version can be heard on a bootleg 45). This instrumental tune is the flipside of the 1968 UK release and has nothing to do with Link Wray's Rumble. No way! It's a heavy pounding psychedelic assault on your mind.
4. road block - the wheels

Is this the same band as The Wheel-A-Ways from Belfast, Northern Ireland?  A frantic guitar riff, a crazy rhythm section and snotty vocals are the ingredients for this fantastic beat stomper from 1966 released on Columbia, as flip to "Bad little woman".
12. are you nuts - cool heat
On Side A you get a nice version of "Groovin' with Mr. Bloe". This flipside is completely different. It's a midtempo soul instrumental with a short break when a guy asks "Are you nuts?" I guess this 1970 release on Forward Records was their one and only.
5. santa's speed shop - the surfaris

A mean hollering Santa speeding away is the start of this Christmas surf instrumental by the Wipe Out kings. This is one of their rarest tracks, hidden as B-side of often comped "A surfer's Christmas list". Issued on Decca in 1963.
13. k-jee - the nite liters
Funky soul instrumental side by the Detroit based band that evolved to New Birth after meeting Motown veteran Harvey Fuqua. It's from 1971.
6. wild weekend cha cha - the rebels

There's "Wild weekend" and there's "Wild weekend cha cha". One has been reissued often, while the cha cha version has remained under  the radar. Splendid instrumental on various labels, mine on the Canadian Reo in 1962, but originally on Marlee in 1960.
14. carribe - enoch light & the light brigade
Also titled "Ka-reeb", this very rare Sparton promotion copy from Canada shows Enoch Light, the king of space age pop, at his best. A big band novelty exotica tune that takes you to the dance floor. Recorded in 1964 as flipside to Beatles' "A hard day's night".
7. vesuvius - the revels

Best known member was Merrell Fankhauser. Formed in 1959 by six youngsters who loved instrumental rock 'n' roll. It's also from 1960, released on Impact, the first release by both band and record label. Impact also released 45s by The Breakers, The Alley Kats, The Crestwoods,...
15. freeway - fugitives
From Birmingham, Michigan came this initially instrumental guitar group, founded from the ashes of The Tremelos. I think it was their first single, from 1960. It's the B-side of their best known track "Fugitive", named after the TV series.
8. ss396 - paul revere & the raiders

Columbia Special Products reissued this hot rod song two years later in 1967 as flip to The Cyrkle's "Camaro". Formed in Idaho in 1958 they lost the Louie Louie battle against The Kingsmen in 1963, but still became much bigger.
16. the beat - little tony & his brothers
Antonio "Little Tony" Ciacci from Rome was a big star in Italy. In 1959 however he was a wild youngster, keen on American rock 'n' roll sounds. The French label Disques Pop called it rock-boogie. On vols 94 and 122 there's more about Little Tony.