"Twist & Shake-a-go-go" - 16 dance tracks from American college dance floors

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE117
"Doing the slop, the twist, the cha cha, the shake, the bossa nova, the surf and the stomp on your own?" 

1. twist-a-go-go - eddie warner & the nelson boys

Orchestral twist a go go brought by a swirlin' organ and a wild wailin' sax by Eddie Warner and his orchestra around 1963 on this EP "Sports d'hiver". Released on Gala Des Variétés.

9. babalu cha cha - francis bay 

Belgium's best known orchestra leader is here with a cha cha version of the Lecuona standard Babalu. He recorded this in 1959. It was issued on a Philips EP "Everybody cha cha cha!".

2. shake - leroy jones

Sam Cooke's Shake has been recorded by hundreds of bands and singers. Leroy Jones is one of the best soulful renditions I've ever heard. It's one of the 20 singles he recorded for the Hit Records label, this one in 1965.
10. c'est la bossa nova - brigitte bardot

1970 is not the year for bossa nova. Nevertheless BB discovered her love for Brasilian sounds. It's not her best recording, I must admit. On vol 237 I've put the better flipside "Nue au soleil".
3. twist twist baby - les pirates

Featuring Dany Logan this time. Their Bel-Air releases also included Tony Morgan, but not on this one from 1962. "Twist twist baby" reappeared on a 10" on Bel-Air from 1981.
11. dancin' to the bossa nova - ray milan & the quarter notes

1963 is a perfect year for bossa nova. Here's Ray Milan and his Quarter Notes for this typical bossa tune, released on ABC-Paramount. This song also appeared on his 1963 album "Million sellers go bossa nova".
4. the shake - the tremolos

As I already wrote on volume 108, I know nothing about this band nor the label. Even the producer, Virian Wadford, who also wrote both sides is a mystery. It's a fantastic, utterly cool and slow guitar & sax instrumental.
12. don't mess up a good thing - fontella bass & bobby mcclure
A cool jerk tune as flip to "Jerk loose" issued on Checker in 1965 by Fontella "Rescue me" Bass and Bobby McClure. Their best effort together was "Don't jump".
5. trinidad surf twist - the cotillions

Less exotic sounding than the flipside (see vol 114) it still is a prime example of how a guitar instrumental should sound like. It's from 1962, when the (air)waves are pristine…
13. boogaloo baby - j.j. jackson
A great uptempo boogaloo soul stomper from 1966 as flip to "But it's alright" (see vol 102) by Jerome Louis JJ Jackson.
6. shake - the british walkers

And here's another Shake, this time on Cameo Parkway.  Formed by guitarist Leroy Buchanan, who went solo a couple of years later. In 1988 he committed suicide in jail. Eleven years earlier he gave us this demented version of the Sam Cooke classic.
14. slop time - the sherrys
Five young and beautiful black girls including a 17-year old Tammi Terrell (as Tammy Montgomery) recorded this great vocal tune in 1962 for Guyden Records.
7. cha-cha-twist - paul gallis

On the Heartbeat label ("The home of good music") this 1962 Chicago instrumental is nothing but an orchestral cha cha standard but with such power it makes you dance right away. The flipside "Boogie twist" is the same: a standard piano boogiewoogie instrumental.
15. dance with me - tony sheveton
Popcorn tune that was quite popular in the Belgian popcorn scene, hence the Belgian release on Show. See vol 116 for the flipside.
8. cha-cha-cha - the twistin' kids

Al Verlane wrote this early 60s kiddie twistin' cha cha tune. See vols 28 and 97 for some Al Verlane songs.
16. let's stomp again - the sherrys
On vol 122 you'll get my fave Sherrys song. Here they are with the equally funny dance tune "Let's stomp again", from 1962.