"Delirium In Stereo" - 16 festive forty-fives in stereo or double mono

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE116
"Why does mono sound better than stereo when I play my 45s? Please plug my head in..." 

1. delirium - ashton, gardner, dyke & co

When Remo Four disbanded in 1968, this band was formed. They had a hit single release with their version of "The resurrection shuffle" a year earlier. This 1971 instrumental B-side is their best effort, a funky jazzy groover.

9. now is the time to love me - marva josie 

A great song as flip to "Oohbiskubido", also on this volume. Powerful soul groove, dance floor approved by most groovy city girls.

2. oohbiskubido - marva josie

Released in 1969 on the collectable Julmar label. Also two other 45s by Marvie Josie were issued by Julmar. Great late 60s souljazz.
10. stereo-test - bp belgium

Two-sided flexi disc about stereo testing your speakers. Side one is French spoken by a man and side two is a girl talking Dutch. Issued by BP Belgium. In the beginning and the end of the song you hear an orchestra playing a groovy instrumental tune.
3. je ne veux plus vous voir - diogene & les cyniques

Belgian 45 that should be on Wizzzz vol 3. For Evariste And Jacques Filh lovers. It was his sole release, on Spot's Records. Both sides were written by René Gosens and Igor Miniaref. It means "I don't want to see you anymore".
11. a million drums - tony sheveton

Released in the US on Oriole and in the UK on Parrot, but this is the Belgian release on Show Records from 1964. It's a poppy tune about a million drums that can't make her dance.
4. hoepla-die hoepla-da - duo albert & hij

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da sung in Dutch, released on the Park label in 1969.
12. sockin' 1-2-3-4 - john roberts
Sock it to me one more time… Yes, it's that time again. Barry White sidekick John Roberts is here with his debut 45, released in the US on Duke, in the UK on Sue and in France on Vogue in 1967. Do you prefer instrumental versions? No problem, just turn over this hot piece of wax.
5. i love my baby - wally dean & the thrips

Second 45 for Wally Dean on Ideal Records, issued in 1970. Lo-fi 60s fuzz beat from Belgium. Sometimes this song is shown as "Someone else".
13. shoo do be do - revolution francaise

Famous band in Quebec from the late 60s, featuring three members of the legendary garage combo Les Sinners. This is the B-side of "Quebecois", released on Pop Music in 1969
6. in the pocket - the kingpins

As flipside to a version of Bobby Gentry's "Ode to Billy Joe", this instrumental side is the best of this 45 release on Atco from 1967. These Kingpins are not the "Unguaua" band. They are King Curtis' backing band featuring guitar player Cornell Dupree and "King" Curtis Ousley himself on the saxophone.
14. goombay life - al collie & the vips
 Let's go to Trinidad and hook up with Al Collie & his VIP's featuring calypso vocalist Washie Collie with this 45 released on Neely Records, owned by author Cynthia Neely. I guess this is around 1970. In 1972 or so they recorded a full album "The first of May".
7. reprise - jay hawkins

This appeared on a 45 as flip to "Constipation blues". It's a medley of a couple of classic Screaming Jay Hawkins songs, released in 1969 and also put on the wonderful "What that is!" album.
15. moose trot - harlow wilcox & the oakies
I have two different released of this 45, the UK one on Polydor and the US one on Plantation Records, both from 1969. Psychedelic surf goes country? Sounds like Duane Eddy lost in Louisiana. Great instrumental side.

8. plug your head in - the hook

B-side of "Son of fantasy", this first 45 by The Hook in 1968, shows psychedelic guitar licks and powerful drums by Craig Boyd. Later two more 45s on Uni would follow.
16. going back to memphis - billie lee riley
"Going back to Memphis" (see vol 40) is the better known side of this Hip/Stax release from 1968. But I prefer this side. In 1968 all the rockabilly greats went soul: Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, … It's a long way from "Flying saucer rock 'n' roll" and his Little Green Men.