"Cuckoo Tabu Girl" - 16 excellent exotica tunes for Jungle Exotica 3

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE114
"Belly dancing girls on the Congo river banks go from African fever to Arabian rock on a hammock..." 

1. cuckoo girl - chico holiday

Rather easy to find 45 and still nobody seems to know it. When I played this at parties, everybody started dancing to this cool exotica dancer from 1959.

9. song for belly dancer - the sheik's men 

Here's the flipside to "The belly dancer". I like this one even more. And now stop staring at those belly buttons and listen to the exotic rhythm of The Sheik's Men.

2. swing - the congo kid

"Slap habby" is an amazing instrumental, but this flipside is fantastic too. Exotic bongo speedy tune from 1959.

10. 110 lbs of drums - the rondels

This instrumental combo from Boston formed in 1959 and released this instro stomper two years later, the follow-up of their minor hit "Back beat no. 1" from 1961, both on Amy. The European release came out on the Belgian Ronnex label. See vol 247 for the A-side, "Caldonia".

3. sahara - the cotillions

I only know of two 45s by The Cotillions, this being their best. Both sides are terrific guitar instrumentals from 1962. On vol 117 you'll find "Surf twist". Perfect for Jungle Exotica vol 3…

11. uh-huh - les witchdoctors

Co-written by Paul Anka, "Uh-huh" is the best Les Witchdoctors ever released. The French label Barclay issued this EP in 1964. Anka's release was in 1962 as the flipside to "I'd never find another you".
4. barracuda - the gallalads

Billy Mure helped The Gallahads to create this special sound. Jungle exotica 3 comes to mind. They had releases on Jubilee and Del-Fi. This one on Vik is from 1957.

12. african velvet - black velvet
Because of the hypnotic bass line and the crazy organ, this exotic ska tune from 1969 is one of my fave Beacon releases, by a British band previously known as The Raisins, that had several releases on Major Minor.

5. the belly dancer - the sheik's men

Both sides are included on their sole album "The belly dancer", also released on Reprise in 1961. Other songs on that album are "Misirlou", "Shish kebab", "Caravan", … Again a candidate for a future Jungle Exotica 3.

13. african fever - the tropicals
(s)Exotica madness on the Belgian BlueJeans label from 1972, in the same vein as The Chakachas' "Jungle fever" , also released in Germany on Metronome and in Yugoslavia on Alta, as a split45.

6. arabian rock - the silver-tones

Do the Arabian jerk with me on the Silver-Tones' best recording. Released on Jar in 1959. What a fantastic exotic tune. See vol 107 for the flipside.

14. bongo boogie beat - the long legs
Issued on the unknown Voooom! Records, probably in 1968. It's bongo beatin' rock 'n' roll that might come from France, but I have no clue whatsoever.

7. nature boy - the shields

A splendid version of Eden Ahbez' most famous recording. This one comes from a Dot release in 1958 as flip to "You cheated". Dot also issued "You cheated" with a different B-side, "That's the way it's gonna be", a reissue of their first release on Tender.

15. congo twist - gerard madiata
It's 1962, so it's twistin' time on the borders of the mighty Congo river. For more Madiata songs, see vols 4 and 39.

8. debout dans un hamac - henri salvador

See vol 111 for another track of this wonderful 1969 EP on Rigolo. It's a laid back song about being laid back on a hammock. Here Henri Salvador is helped out by Moustache. The two other songs on this EP come from movie soundtracks: "Jake le champion" from "La Motta story" and "Au Guatalpa" from "Et qu' ça saute".

16. tabu - orchestre roger king mozian
An MGM EP from 1960 featuring 4 tacks including this super Tabu, the ultimate exotica classic. All four were also featured on his "Spectacular percussion" album. Mozian hailed from New York. See vol 243 for another Mozian 45.