"Nord 2000" - 8 vocal vs. 8 instrumentals on both sides of the tracks going North

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE113
"The year 2000 is already ancient history, but the devil r&r train is still heading north ..."

1. super 4 - jacques denjean

Fabulous instrumental EP-track from 1963 by orchestra leader Denjean, who recorded the fantastic Nevrose/Psychomaniac 45 in 1968, a must for all French psychedelia lovers.

9. nord 2000 - jacques denjean 

The jazzy groove of the organ takes you up north on a train ride through the nerves in your ticklish dancing feet.  L'Orchestre Dans Le Vent is one of his best releases. See vol 108 for more details of this EP.

2. black rock - hi rhythm

Jazzy r&b funk groover on Willie Mitchell's Hi Records from 1975. It's the sole release by this band that I know. Dance floor stuff.
10. tea pot - simtec simmons

"Tea box" and "Tea pot" on each side of this Maurci release from 1967. Walter "Simtec" Simmons also played with Simtec & Wylie, or Willie Dixon. His recording career lasted for about 10 years. "Tea pot" is a funky soul instrumental. You can find "Tea box" on vol 108.
3. ooh baby you turn me on - willie mitchell

Here's the Memphis master himself, albeit born in Mississippi in 1928. At the age of 39 he recorded this soul instrumental for Hi Records, which he co-owned three years later.
11. breaking point - willie mitchell

Flipside to "Roadhouse", this is a typical early 70s Willie Mitchell recording. Deep bass sounds, steady drum beat, repetitive horns and swirling organ sounds.
4. crumbs off the table - the glass house

A Holland-Dozier-Holland composition recorded in 1969 for the seminal Invictus label, which was founded by that threesome after leaving Motown. Actually, this was the first Invictus release, a deep-funk soul song with strong vocals by Pearl Jones and Scherrie Payne.
12. the tops beat in - the tops
"I found you" was featured on the Le Beat Bespoke series; this is from their second and last 45 from 1971, also on the obscure Arsis label from Liège, Belgium. It's an instrumental side with some freaky wah-wah organ & guitar sounds around a catchy guitar riff.
5. let me in - the sensations

Early 60s doo-wop meets r&b from 1961 by a vocal group founded in 1954 as The Cavaliers in Philly. The song was written by singer Yvonne Baker. My copy is the Dutch one on Funckler, which has a picture sleeve.
13. histoire ancienne - sylvie vartan
"That same old feeling" in sung in French by top singer Sylvie Vartan. The fuzz guitar is fighting an aural battle with the sweet voice of France's sweetheart. This comes from a 1965 EP on RCA-Victor
6. just plain mess - the aire-dales

Couldn't get enough from "Drumsville", the A-side, from volume 108? I knew it. Here's the even faster craze for the dance floor by this all black foursome on Roulette. Are these guys the same band  that played with Rocky Roberts or with Wess & The Airedales?
14. il faut le faire - les saphirs
Vocal B-side of the great instrumental "Eureka", released on Decca in 1964. One year later they released the magnificent "Jivaros", which resurfaced on "Ils sont fous ces Gaulois", a great compilation series of French oddities from the 50s and 60s. See also vol 60 for another 45 by this Belgian combo.
7. station break - the shin-diggers

B-side of "Shindig" on the white ABC-Paramount label, while on the green ABC-Paramount there's another flipside. See vol 167 for that track. "Station break" is a fine 1964 instrumental, written by Johnny Pate.
15. la jambe de bois - the spiders
First of four 45s by this Belgian band, released in 1963. It's a song about a wooden leg. The guitar break reminds me of a Marino Marini going wild.
8. just for fun - the growing society

Never heard the excellent "The red fuzz" on the comp Acid Dreams #3? Here's the flipside, from 1967, which is the exotica version with some la-la-la's added. I believe it was their sole effort.
16. chica chica boom chic - regina maria miranda
This 1974 samba tune is so ridiculous, it is more than just funny. B-side is "I, yi, yi, yi, yi (I like you very much)". Both sides are remakes of exactly the same 78rpm release by Xavier Cugat & His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra in 1941.