"Basta Couscous" - 16 ingredients for a genuine couscous party

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE112
"Cha cha cha, mambo, samba, conga... when you eat couscous, you can dance 'em all" 

1. baia - the jokers

The best Belgian instrumental band from the 60s are back with a "new sound"; they discovered the fuzz pedal and the echo chamber in 1966. Released on Arcade.

9. ahmed larbi mustafah - tony corsari 

In the 50s and 60s Corsari was the best known television host in Belgium. He also recorded several novelty songs, including this one, which was maybe OK in 1972, but nowadays it could cause a religious riot.

2. misirlou - woody herman

Recorded in 1941 already for Decca, when the 45rpm record didn't exist yet. Later it resurfaced on a 45 several times, including this one on MCA. This is the very first English sung version. The original 1927 recording was in Greek
10. apache - sonny james

Best known Shadows song? Apache! Here's the vocal version from a year later. In 1961 it became a big hit in the US, while nobody seems to know it in Europe.
3. conga rock - the kingsmen

It's the B-side of  "The cat walk" which already appeared on vol 105. Not the Louie Louie guys, but musicians who also worked with Bill Haley. How to make a rock version with a conga beat… Funny that this worked in 1958.
11. un americain dans les rues de rio - franck fernandel

A French sung sambo tune about Rio on a 1966 EP, issued on Philips.
4. ali baba - les caravelles

The flipside of "Caravelle" on vol 100. A pseudo-Arabic French sung novelty tune from a band that hailed from France or Belgium.
12. ma-ma-du - benny bennet
Fantastic, contagious Latin beat; The Chakachas' version (see vol 36) is even better. When mambo meets cha-cha-cha…
5. basta - adriano celentano

On vol 12 you'll find the older version by Clem Sacco. This 1961 Jolly release shows the quality of Italian super star Celentano. One of the best cha-cha songs from Italy.
13. juntos - el chicano
An L.A. based Chicano rock band with a love for Santana. This 1972 instrumental flipside to "Viva Tirado" is one of their best efforts I've ever heard.
6. caravan pt1 - duane eddy

The self-named inventor of the twanging guitar recorded in 1961 an excellent version of the Duke Ellington classic.
14. chico cha-cha - olive moorefield
A German girl sings and dances the cha-cha for Chico, her lover boy from Costa Rica.
7. rockambo baby - perez prado

Mambo king Prado released this Rockambo Baby in 1972. On the flipside there's a Rocco Granata song called "Oh, Oh, Rosie".
15. fais-moi le couscous, cheri - zina nahid
Perfect song for a couscous party. Zina Nahid is accompanied by Ali Hodja and His Hadjis. On the back cover there's an excellent recipe for a 6 persons couscous meal, presented by belly dancer Zina herself.
8. amazonas - los conquistadores

See vol 110 for more info. Subtitled "A trip into a tropical forest" this instrumental somehow reminds me of 1972 Jokers meets 1968 Jess & James meets Jean-Pierre Massiera.
16. mas zacate - el chicano
Very much like Chakachas. This is also the third song on the "Viva Tirado" EP on MCA.