"Zombie motions" - 16 Halloween hits from Transsylvanian tapes

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE111
"Zombies, sadists, voodoo creeps, monsters from hell and Dracula in his haunted castle... all dance to the monster motion..." 

1. le zizi des zombies - henri salvador

It's a crazy song about "Les Zizis" who are invading France. They're full of fun, dance and laughter. Written by Moustache and Salvador "Le zizi des zombies" remains one of his weirdest recordings ever. Oh, for those who don't understand French: zizi is slang for penis.

9. the sadist - father james & his soul disciples 

Or The Jokers in disguise, heavily influenced by Jess and James. Sung in bad English as most Belgian bands did in the 60s. Obscure 1967 release.

2. lunch with mother goose - john zacherle

 John "The Cool Ghoul" Zacherle, or later Zacherley, was 40 years old when he recorded this 45 for Cameo in 1958 as follow-up to his "Dinner with Drac". I love it, as I love the A-side too: "Eighty-two tombstones". He's well in his 90s right now and still performing. Good to know is that he doesn't need make-up anymore.

10. haunted castle - the kingsmen

The whole world knows their version of Richard Berry's "Louie Louie", but nobody seems to know the brilliant instrumental "Haunted castle" on the B-side. Wake up people, The Kingsmen were more than Louie Louie and Gamma Goochie.
3. the creep - the three suns

 Released in 1953 by a band that was founded in 1939 already by Al, Morty and Artie. The creepy organ played by a creep really gave me the creeps the first time I heard it. A marvelous ghoulish pre-rock 'n' roll instrumental on RCA-Victor.

11. voodoo girl - roy castle

From "The haunted castle" to Roy Castle and one of the best horror inspired 45s ever made: "Dr. Terror's house of horrors". On the flipside you'll find this self-penned "Voodoo girl". This jazzy 1965 CBS release by TV presenter and trumpet player who also sings, is simply his best effort.
4. ghost riders in the sky - the scorpions

A UK rock 'n' roll beat band from 1959 to 1965, that has nothing to do with the Manchester beatband of "Hello Josephine" fame. This 1961 Parlophone release also features an excellent version of "Torquay".
12. cauchemar auto-protestateur - stella
A 1966 protest song about a nightmare (the flipside tells a story about a vampire, covered by Stereo Total in the late 90s) by then 15-year old Polish born Stella Zelcer from Paris, France. After marrying Magma drummer Christian Vander she was known as Stella Vander and became Magma's main vocalist. Vol 7 features "Les parents twist" from her first EP in 1963, when she was only 13.
5. night beat - the phantoms

I don't know how many "The Phantoms" existed in the 50s and 60s. I only know of this instrumental Original Sound release from 1960. On the label they're called "The World's only masked band". Flipside is "Night theme", which is more of the same instro ghoulishness.
13. dance of the silhouettes - the megatrons
A difficult one to find on the obscure Audicon label that I only know of late 50s releases of The Megatrons and The Passions. This 1960 release is a creepy monster instrumental about ghosts dancing in the shade as silhouettes prone to lure you into the darků Halloween stuff.
6. transylvania - the mysterions

Cool ghoulish guitar instrumental on the Warwick label that failed to reappear on a vinyl compilation. I can see Dracula dancing with Vampira on this one.
14. monster motion - bobby boris pickett & his crypt kickers
Gary Paxton produced this horror novelty tune in 1962 for his own Garpax Records. It's the flipside to "Monster holiday", and yes, it's again a Monster Mash rip off.
7. don't fool with fu manchu - the rockin' ramrods

For me this is the best song on their 9 singles. All their singles were compiled on an Eva sampler in France. A year later they appeared in the rock 'n' roll flick "East is east", backing Casey Paxton.
15. dracula cha cha cha - bob azzam
The French version of the Italian cha cha song by Bruno Martino (see vol 55), which was also picked up by Henri Salvador (see vol 24). There's also a Spanish version (see vol 153) by Los Dandies.
8. hellbound - bobby joe

I'm told there's a link with the Raiders, which I can't confirm. It's a late 50s instrumental with a wild drum solo and a prominent sax. Don't flipover  this titty-twistin' 45 on Spot Records because that's a cheesy ballad. Who was Bobby Joe? Anyone?
16. alleen op het kerkhof - het
"Ik heb geen zin om op te staan" (I don't feel like getting out of bed) was a big hit in The Netherlands and also a minor hit in Belgium in 1965. The flipside (= Alone on the graveyard) however is pure horror comedy, a love tale about a family of grave diggers. This foursome around Bob Bouber released about 4  singles and 1 more as Het Pocomania.