"Streaking Thru' The 7T's" - 16 stripped down tunes from the seventies

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE110
"From Israel to Belgium via France the streaking hype conquered the world..." 

1. ave cesar - los conquistadores

Subtitled "Imperium Romanum", this is a completely unknown gem from Belgium, probably released in 1979, but sounding like it's 1972. It's a funky psychedelic version of Andre Brasseur on acid. Released by Paprika Records.

9. o'kalender - pop concerto orchestra 

Or Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville. An mostly instrumental studio band using synthesizers and moog next to guitars and even horns. They create a unique sound, although I must admit that it doesn't work for me, except for this B-side and two other 45s. They released at least twenty 45s in a 15 years period.

2. freedom - jericho jones

Hard-rock debut by this prog-rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel, formerly known as The Churchill's. They included British guitarist Robb Huxley who was The Tornadoes lead guitarist in 1966-1967, before leaving the band for The Churchill's. "Freedom" is the flipside to "Time is now", the Ray Dorset song.
10. je cherche un job - michel polnareff

The Ziggy Stardust period of Michel Polnareff. He never sounded more glam, looked more glam, as in 1972. This is the flipside to "On ira tous au paradis".
3. all she wants to do is boogie - frankie stein

Gary Paxton produced this horror-glam novelty tune in 1972 for King Records.
11. good times - alan lake

Bubblegum pop by a television actor who used to be known as Diana Dors' third husband, who had to go to jail for 12 months after a big fight at a pub. He had just recorded this 45, his sole recording release, originally by Ember Records. At the age of 43 in 1984 he committed suicide after years of heavy drinking, two years after the death of Dors.
4. the show - irish coffee

Pop connoisseurs say that hard rock in Belgium started with "Masterpiece", the A-side. This side, however, still has that late 60s sound. They began in the mid-60s as The Voodoos. Three more 45s would follow and also one very collectible album but in 1975 they disbanded. Singer William Souffreau is still playing gigs as Irish Coffee.
12. child - irish coffee
Their 2nd release (see above for more info) and again it's the B-side that could surprise me. Uptempo hard rockin' by Souffreau and guitarist Jean Van Der Schueren who became a music academy teacher for classical guitar.
5. streaking a-go-go - el chicle

Shakat Records from New York City was known for their funk, soul and disco releases. This Latin influenced funky tune sounding like the 70s Chakachas feeded the rumour that this was actually the same band.
13. apollo - the prince of badminton
This reminds me of The Duke Of Burlington, albeit a fuzz wah wah piano version from France. It's uptempo funky lounge from the 70s.
6. the outside man - jimmy bee

Jimmy Brunsen was member of several vocal groups in the late 50s and early 60s and went solo in 1966. This 1973 release for the funk label Ala (home for Little Richard, Brothers By Choice, …) was one of his finest efforts.
14. frankenboogie - frankie stein
A thunderstorm, a werewolf and a Bobby Boris Pickett voice is all you need to make another monster mash copy. Again a Gary Paxton production, from 1973.
7. what can i do - two man sound

Put Sylvain Van Holme (Wallace Collection), Yves Lacomblez (Pipou) and Lou Deprijck (Plastic Bertrand) together and you get a Belgian supergroup avant la lettre, that spawned several hits such as "Charlie Brown", "Copacabana" and their 1976 disco-samba hit "Que tal America". In this song there's not yet that disco samba sound that made them popular. It's a pop glam tune on the Pink Elephant label.
15. the champion pt2 - willie mitchell
Part 2 is a better swinger than Part 1. Both sides of this Hi Records release fill dance floors everywhere. When an instrumental is this fantastic, who needs vocals…
8. o wa nou me nou ma - unity

Time for a French prog-rock band that were big fans of Jimi Hendrix (hence the song "Jimi" on the flipside). I have no idea what "O wa nou me nou ma" stands for.
16. bubble bubble - yan tregger
On the Omega International label comes the weirdest entry of this volume. Listen to the funky underwater trumpet sounds of Yan Tregger and you'll agree. His real name is Edouard Scotto Di Suoccio aka Ted Scotto (yes, the one from Shadoks). This is the Belgian release, harder to find than the original French issue on Major Music from 1974.