"City Life In Sin City" - 16 songs for city hipsters and wayward youngsters

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE109
"It can be lonely in the big city for restless young boys who still need their mamas ..."

1. beggar in town - sonny stewart

Released in 1966 or '68 on the German label Bellaphon. This is his only release I know.

9. little mama - the jokers 

The Jokers from the US :-) were a rock 'n' roll combo that released only one 45 I'm told. Vol 107 features the flipside "Red headed woman".

2. the work song - herb alpert & the tijuana brass

B-side of "Plucky" (see vol 108). You can't help but snap your fingers to this feel-good tune. In combination with "Music to watch girls by" it's simply irresistible.
10. young boy - eternal life & co

Subtitled "Young boy, yuoun chime, young girl, wild flower", this is a slow psych-folk tune from a band I've never heard of before.
3. smoke  - leo cavallo

Leo Caerts wrote this Belgian library funky instrumental, which is much sought after and almost impossible to find. Label is Dolphin Records and this is it's first release.
11. prends un ticket avec moi - dick rivers

"Ticket to ride" sung in French by big star Dick Rivers as flipside to another translation. This time it's Dick Rivers himself who wrote the lyrics.
4. smoke rings - the gants

Half a dozen 45s were issued by this Mississippi based band founded by Sid Herring, best known for their savage rendition of "Roadrunner". "You can't blow smoke rings", however, has always been my fave Gants track.
12. heather the weather girl - larry catrell
Uptempo beat song as follow-up to his first 45 "Cowboy Santa", also for Glenolden Records.
5. the bouncer - frank & the barbarians

A 1962 release on a Belgian label, Ronnex. An exotic popcorn instrumental around a swirling organ and piano, co-written by John Schroeder.
13. young people - willie mitchell
Heavy bass guitar, honkin' horns and an almost absent organ colour this excellent funky instrumental by Mitchell on his own Hi Records.
6. instant coffee - the jokers

The Jokers from Antwerp, Belgium, releases dozens of 45s in a short period. This "Instant coffee" is their best from 1964. Fantastic guitar instro.
14. lonely weekends -  cliff bennett
In the late 60s rock 'n' roll artists started mixing soul into their sound. English singer Cliff Bennett loved that sound with loads of horns and a serious nod to Tom Jones. Amazingly this works alright with this B-side of "Good times".
7. restless - willie mitchell

A 1971 release on Hi. It's amazing how many fabulous organ instrumentals Mitchall has recorded for the Hi label. Unfortunately he was a couple of years too late with this Memphis sound.
15. untie me - earl dean smith
An awesome popcorn tune that's wanted at northern soul parties as well. Released on the collectable Coliseum in 1962.
8. go go place - lonnie youngblood

Actually this is "Go go shoes part 2". See also vol 100. It was recorded in 1966 and released one year later. It also reappeared on a Jimi Hendrix album from 1972 called "Rare Hendrix".

16. the lonely one - tom jones
And in that same year that Cliff Bennett recorded "Lonely weekends" Tom Jones released "The lonely one", one of this finest moments.