"Green Instros On The Rocks" - 16 instrumentals from both sides of the Atlantic

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE108
"Some of these songs are perfect to be served with a slice of lemon and an ice cube or two..." 

1. perdido - the jokers

Antwerp in Belgium was home for this instrumental band, sometimes called The Continental Jokers. On Arcade they released this twangy guitar instrumental b/w "Diamond strings" in 1965.

9. erica in lerida - the jokers 

Once I was deejaying in Lerida, Spain, for the festival Go Lleida, a 60s weekender full of psychedelia, garage rock and beautiful Spanish girls. I first heard of this town in the North East of Spain when buying this 45 from these five Antwerp boys. This instrumental, however, sounds like a trashier version of a Herb Alpert tune.

2. green onions - the ventures

Powerful version of the instrumental Booker T classic by the Ventures in 1962. On the same EP there is "Red river rock", "Telstar" and "Last night", all instrumental rock standards.
10. plucky - herb alpert & the tijuana brass

One year earlier, in 1966, Alpert recorded this catchy tune as flipside to "The work song".
3. jersey channel islands pt7 - bruce johnston

There aren't many surf instrumentals that have the same explosive power. The Fender fuzz reverb sound mixed with a distorted sax gives this long forgotten gem that something extra.
11. explorer - bert kaempfert

Another major name, who's famous for his instrumental recordings, is Bert Kaempfert, also with a 1966 recording. This "Singing hills" EP contains two Kaempfert tracks and two by Max Greger.
4. vol 487 - jacques denjean

Jacques Denjean composed all tracks on this EP, making this EP the second best he ever released. The swirling sounds of the Hammond organ take you along to his Trans-Atlantic flight from Paris to New York on Flight 847.
12. comin' home baby - kai winding
Time for a Verve release, that is more rockin' than most on their vast catalogue. King of the trombone Kai Winding played with many jazz legends. Here he is with a sublime version of the song made famous by Mel Tormé. It's the flip of "More". But on the "More" EP you won't find this. Go for the regular 45rpm release.
5. shindig - the shin-diggers

I have two different ABC-Paramount releases of this 45, one b/w "Station break" and one with "Scootin' along". Fantastic tune that should be selected for a future Las Vegas Grind volume. This 1964 instrumental was also written by Johnny Pate (see vol 64).
13. wild weekend - the tremolos
Chicago based combo and completely unknown. Also the label is a mystery to me. After two seconds you'll be shouting "Hey ho, let's go" Ramones style. On vol 117 you'll get the equally brilliant flip "The shake".
6. tea box - simtec simmons

"Walter" Simtec Simmons had a weak spot for tea. On the flipside there's "Tea pot". Recorded in 1967 for the Maurci label.
14. tipsy - billy sherrill
Self-penned Tipsy is a 1963 piano instrumental on ABC-paramount, that has enough power to get people rockin' on the dance floor. I wonder whether he is the same Sherrill who wrote Tammy Wynette's "Stand by your man".
7. hill stomp - the strangers

Joel Hill of Canned Heat fame was the founding member of The Strangers, a short-lived yet fabulous instrumental combo from California. In 1959 they released this frenzied guitar & sax stomper for Titan. See vol 107 for the flipside "A lost soul".
15. blues on the rocks - the johnny lewis trio & millie
What a crazy instrumental "Blues on the rocks". I loved it from the very first time I heard it. One year earlier, in 1962, he recorded "Millie's riff", also for Coral Records. Who is this Millie by the way? The song was written by Johnny Lewis and Millie Lewis.
8. rufus jr - the merced blue notes

An uptempo r&b stomper on the sought after Galaxy label from 1965 by The Merced Blue Notes, who released "Rufus" in 1961 on Accent. A few months later they released their last 45: Mama Rufus.
16. drumsville - the aire-dales
Doug Fowlkes wrote both sides, "Drumsville" and "Just plain mess". This 1963 song is a dance floor killer. It's hard not to dance to these wild rhythms & beats. On volume 113 you can get the awesome B-side.