"Dark Sunglasses For Girls" - 16 sizzling girlie tunes from all over the world

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE106
"David Lynch, a German porn flick, a French fever, and more surprises by these female fantasies..." 

1. fever - simone alma

Boris Vian translated "Fever" brilliantly into "39 de fièvre". Nevertheless Simone Alma decided to sing the first part of the song in English andthen in French to end in English again. Recorded for the Teppaz label from Lyon, France.

9. movin' and a groovin' - the simms twins 

Originally "Movin' and a groovin'" was coupled with "That's where it's at". On this Abkco release it's the flip to "Soothe me", which was already released in 1961 for the Sar label. This r&b song is perfect for a sunny afternoon, sitting on a fence watching the postman driving by.

2. i've told every little star - linda scott

The song was written in 1932 already, for "Music in the air", but it was 16 year old Linda Sampson, as Linda Scott, who made it into a million seller. Strangely most people in Europe know the song only from the David Lunch movie, Mulholland Drive. What has this to do with my series? Well, for me it is one of very best songs ever put on a 45; that's why.
10. make the world go away - april byron

This is the US release on Interphon from 1964. Originally it was released in Australia on Leedon. For Phil Spector girl band lovers, although the guitar break in the middle of the song is wild enough for the guys.
3. i really, really love you - jo-ann campbell

Issued in 1958 on Gone. For me this is absolutely her best recording. At the age of 26, this Florida born ex-dancer quit the music industry in 1964. In the popcorn scene in Belgium this is a dancefloor filler.
11. 00-43 GM - marva hodge & the moody sec

From The Hague, Holland,yet born in the Antilles in Aruba. This is the flipside to her bombastic 1969 version of "Let the sunshine in", an instrumental killer tune with groovy organ sounds, a heavy bass and a funky steady beat.
4. you touched me - judy harris

Surprisingly this uptempo funky raver with a catchy riff was issued on the Sun label on the B-side of "Glory train".
12. stella got a fella - fireflies
I cheated… this ain't no girls here, but they're singing about one girl named Stella. On Broadway there's Ribbon Records, that released this fine uptempo doo-wop tune in 1959 as B-side for their best known "You were mine". The band hailed from Philadelphia.
5. dark, dark sunglasses - the kittens

This sounds like mid 60s to me. I don't know anything about these girls. It's a Philips release b/w "Itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini" written by Pitney/Schroeder. Gene Pitney maybe?
13. mexican drummer man - herp alpert's tijuana brass
And no... this is no cheating this time, as the vocals here are from young ladies who make this one of the freshest sounding Alpert songs. Released in 1964 for, of course, A&M Records.
6. dreamboat - 5 de marco sisters

Hailing from New York they recorded this 45 in 1955 for Decca. Terri, Gloria, Anne, Arlene and Gina started in the 40s, like their soundalikes The Andrews Sisters.
14. cry me a river blues -  esther philips
The flipside features a splendid version of The Beatles' "And I love him". Little Esther Mae Jones, started her long career in 1950 until her death in 1984, after a life full of drugs . "Cry me a river blues" is an excellent, fast r&b tune that's much better than all of her hit singles.
7. kiss of fire '66 - georgia gibbs

She was born as Frieda Lipschitz in 1919 which she changed in the early 40s to Fredda Gibbons and then to Georgia Gibbs. Gibbs re-recorded her 1952 hit in 1966. It starts, surprisingly, with Roy Orbison's "Pretty woman" intro.
15. all i want to do is love you - felice taylor
As B-side of "Suree-surrender" this powerful soul song never got the airplay it deserved, although this would remind many people of The Supremes. Together with her sisters Darlene and Norma Felice aka Florian Taylor sang with The Sweets in the mid-60s.
8. my man - ernestine anderson

Swing jazz legend and blues singer Ernestine Anderson was born in Texas in 1928. She received several Grammy nominations, but not for this 1957 recording for Mercury.
16. ekstase - christine lamoure
On the Intim label all you can get is music for German porn flicks. Inspired by "Je t'aime moi non plus", but with words replaced by moaning, this 1970 release will excite every man and woman. Other releases on Intim include bands such as Bully Und Die Bierknacker and also Die Shit-warmers.