"Fauntastikitty" - 16 animinimalistic answers to Darwin from the vinyl vaults

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE105
"Cats and dogs, chickens and other birds, insects and other animals; is there an animal out there we haven't make a song about? Perhaps a platipus from a fauntastic land..."

(Deram DH23 from 1967) 1. kitty - cat stevens

"Matthew and son"? "I'm gonna get me a gun"? No, it's this "Kitty" that I call my fave Cat Stevens song. Recorded in 1967 for Deram.

9. the bird - the dutones 

Both sides are identical on this 1962 Columbia promo release. No, it's not Chubby Checker and it's not the Rivingtons either.

(Columbia 4-452657 from 1962)
(Gateway 45-735 from 1964) 2. wild cat pt2 - red prysock

The wilder side of this 1964 recording for Gateway, this part 2 features wild Hammond groovy sounds on a steady jazzy drum beat. Horns and a double bass complete this fantastic instrumental. 
10. chicken chicken - the hilltoppers

Chicken songs are crazy, period. Billy Vaughn was a key member of this vocal group. Released in 1957 for Dot.
(Dot 45-15662 from 1957)
(East West 45EW120 from 1958) 3. the cat walk - the kingsmen

Not the Louie Louie guys from the Northwest. These guys did some recordings with Bill Haley. Sultry titty twistin' song about a kitty on the cat walk with some ace guitar playing and a hot wailing sax. Both sides are fabulous.
11. the worm - bill doggett

Hammond groovy weirdness, saucy sax sounds and an uptempo steady beat makes this 1963 release a dance floor filler. One of Bill Doggett's best recordings.
(CBS 1265 from 1963)
(Omega 961060 5.) 4. hot dog buddy buddy - bill haley

A typical Bill Haley tune, written by the master himself. Recorded in 1956 for Decca, this release was on the Omega label b/w "Rockin' through the rye".
12. the kangaroo - the panics
Also released on their 1964 album on Philips "Discotheque dance party", this promo 45 tried and failed to start a new dance craze, the kangaroo. You can't help but dance to this shimmy shimmy ko-ko ditty.
(Philips 40230 from 1964)
(RCA-Victor 47-9575 from 1964) 5. the dog - junior & the classics

I don't know if Rufus Thomas would've been happy to hear this version of "The Dog". I consider this one of the finest efforts ever. Junior Brantley's soulful voice is perfect for this 1964 r&b stomper.
13. black widow - the tarantulas
Flipside "Tarantula" already reappeared on a compilation album, but not this instrumental "Black widow", a splendid 1960 recording for Atlantic, which got a reissue one year later. All together they released three 45s, to my knowledge.
(Atlantic 45-2102 from 1961)
(Colt45 45-302 from 1963) 6. nobody can do the dog like me - sebastian & the house rockers

Mix Rufus Thomas' "Walkin' the dog" with The Isley Brothers' "Nobody but me" and you get this crazy frat rocker from 1963 issued on the Colt 45 label.
14. grasshopper - the hawks
Again a complete unknown instro monster tune by a band that only released two 45s in 1959 and 1960. Both sides of this release are worth checking out.
(ABC-Paramount 45-10116 from 1960)
(MGM 61505 ) 7. i go ape - willie harris

A Neil Sedaka song by a singer I know absolutely nothing about. This is crazier and wilder than any version I ever heard.
15. the elephant - howie post & the saboos
I love jungle novelty tunes. Who knows this one? It's too crazy, too weird to be known at all. I've heard of a Howie Post & The Swifties. Probably the same outfit, not? 
(Fontana TF421 from 1963)
(Entree 106 from 1964) 8. gorilla walk - the blockbusters

It's even better than the great flip, also instrumental "Soul man". Definitely one of Entree's finest releases with ace guitar licks. Let's do the Gorilla Walk, baby, in Las Vegas.
16. no such animal pt2 - jimmy james & the blue flames
This has nothing to do with Jimmy James & the Vagabonds or the backing bands of George Fame or Little Junior Parker. Jimi Hendrix founded the band The Blue Flame in 1966 and left 3 months later for England to start The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Nevertheless he recorded this song in 1966. In 1970 the two parts were released on a 45 as by Jimi Hendrix. 
(-- RWJH-07 )