"El Rock Yeh Yeh" - 16 songs from all over the world

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE104
"Two songs in English by artists who are no Anglophiles at all; all the rest is in German, Italian, Spanish, Czech and Portuguese.  The globalisation of rock music..."

(Clan ACC24001) 1. amami e basciami - adriano celentano

Only two minutes long but what an energy on this 1962 release, his first one on Clan. A new Italian star was born? No, already 27 singles had been released, mostly on the Jolly label, between 1958 and 1962. Being the biggest record seller in Italian history, it's still surprising to know that outside of Italy hardly anyone has ever heard of him.

9. a grazia - marino marini 

This appeared on his Come Prima EP from 1959 on Durium.

(Durium epA3137)
(Alvorada AEP60724) 2. lamento aus ceus - os ekos

These guys recorded six 45s between 1965 and 1970, this being the first on the Alvorada label. It's one of the few garage beatbands ever to hail from Lisbon.
10. miguel - marino marini

Sometimes he sang in English. "Honeymoon" and "Come back to me" are two English tunes on this 1960 EP. "Miguel" is an uptempo Italian song that is so Marino Marini like "Mambo n° 5" is so Perez Prado. His "Guaglione" was the first 45 to sell more than 5 million copies in Europe.
(Vogue DV45-98004)
(Barclay 72534) 3. cha cha por nueva york - ben, sa tumba & son orchestre

An EP with 4 songs by 4 different artists, all selected from the Club De La Licorne or Twist versus Cha-Cha-Cha. I know Harold Nicholas and The Daniels and even Jose Lucchesi, but I have no idea who this Ben is. His New York cha cha tune is great, though.
11. tutti frutti - kroner's duo

This blue vinyl pressed EP on La Voz De Su Amo, or His Master's Voice, features an excellent Spanish version of Little Richard's hit "Tutti frutti".
(La Voz De Su Amo 7EPL13467 '60)
(Heliodor 450224) 4. wochenend - hannelore bassen

A German sung calypso song about the weekend by a girl called Hannelore Bassen. Together with Peter Steffen she also recorded as Susie und Peter in the early 60s.
12. sei lontana - four kents
On volume 103 there's the flipside "Searchin'". Marimba, horns, heavy bass and four vocals make this a soulful tune, sung in Italian. I think it means "You are far away".
(RCA-Victor 45N1550)
(Electrola E22328) 5. irgend wann erwacht ein neuer tag - camillo felger

The Tornadoes "Telstar" sung in German? Yes, this Luxemburg born opera singer also recorded as Jean Nicolas and as Lee Montague and was also active in television and radio shows from the late 50s till the late 80s.
13. skinny minnie - los javaloyas
A splendid rendition of the Bill Haley classic Skinny Minnie, this time sung in English. Other songs on this 1965 EP are a Spanish version of Adamo's "Quand les roses", "Tijuana" and "Sally, busca en las rosas" or "Sally, go 'round the roses".
(La Voz De Su Amo 7EPL14126)
(Supraphon 0430637 '69) 6. muj tata jack - helena bleharova

From Slovakia. It means "My name is Jack". It's a typical Petula Clark styled pop song from 1969 and is as so many of her recordings a Slovak translation. She also recorded versions of Petula Clark's "I know a place", "This is my song" and so on.
14. l'angelo custode - adriano celentano
Here is Adriano once more, with an uptempo crazy song about a guardian angel from 1964, issued on his own Clan label.
(Clan ACC24019)
(Supraphon 0430953 '69) 7. budes zase lhat - hana zagorova

From Czechia. In those days both countries were still one Soviet styled republic. This is the B-side of a Czech translation of "When you love me". The groovy organ is the main ingredient in this 1970 Supraphon release.
15. el rock de las ardillitas - lalo guerrero y las ardillitas
"Twist and shout" and "Roll over Beethoven" in a Mexican Chipmunks translated version. Ardillitas are chipmunks. Lalo asked Mark & The Escorts to help with this crazy recording. He was born in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Los Angeles to become the father of the Chicano music.
(Musart 45696)
(RCA Italiana PM45-3366) 8. la sai troppo lunga - rita pavone

Again a well known Italian superstar, completely unknown outside of Italy. Already having released about a dozen of 45s, this 1966 recording stands out as one of her best, well hidden on a B-side. Check out volumes 28 and 55 for more info.
16. yeh-yeh - danny fisher
The Georgie Fame classic again… this time by Belgian singer Danny Fisher and I must admit it's not that bad after all. Recorded in 1965 for CBS.
(CBS 1576 '65)