"Son Of Fantasy" - 16 songs from 1962 till 1970

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"This volume features bands and artists from five countries. They had a dream and a fantasy..." 

(Barclay BE61072 from 1969) 1. tomorrow, the moon - the tenderfoot kids 

Ex-Jenghiz Khan member Pierre Raepsaet (who sang for Eurovision song contest as Pierre Rapsat) recorded this song. Tenderfoot Kids from Liège in Belgium released half a dozen 45s, this being their first on Barclay in 1969. Psychedelic pop b-side of "The bird and the hunter".

9. apple cider - king james & the royals 

People's classic tune "Apple cider" got here a splendid rendition. Bell released this 45 in 1969. Florida based King James & The Royals did also a fine job on the flipside "She wants back tomorrow".

(Bell B-767 from 1969)
(Stateside SS2043 from 1967) 2. shook me down - the coronados 

Folkpsych recording on Parliament and also released on Stateside in 1967. It's the flip of "Johnny B Goode". I'm not sure whether the Jubilee releases in 1968-70 are from the same band.
10. son of fantasy - the hook

Guitarist Bobby Arlin quit The Leaves and formed The Hook, a psychedelic hard rock band. The Leaves were the first band to release "Hey Joe" as a 45. "Son of fantasy" was co-written by Arlin, who later joined The Grassroots. This 1968 debut 45 is their best.
(Uni 55057 from 1968?)
(Philips 334567JF from 196.) 3. soul party - the free 

The Free were a Dutch soul band from Rotterdam. On this 1968 Philips release, they sound like Jess & James, Rocky Roberts, Mitch Ryder, … B-side is a ballad named "Down to the bone".
11. take away the memories of a love so fine - sherry grooms

Forget the better known yet boring A-side "Night fall". This is excellent girl pop from 1967, although a few years too late I'm afraid. Later she recorded with Even Stevens.
(Abc ABC-45-10875 from 1967)
(Vogue INT80057 from 1966) 4. look out baby - chris andrews

B-side of "Stop that girl", this remains one of his best efforts from 1966. The soulful "Look out baby" was hidden on the French release only, on Vogue. He had many hit singles such as "Yesterday man", "To whom it concerns",… Did you know he started as Chris Ravel & The Ravers in 1963? Allegedly Jimmy Page played guitar on their 1963 Decca release of "Don't you dig this kind of beat".
12. t.n.t. - the nashville teens
The Nashville Teens were a quite popular UK band from Weybridge, Surrey. This B-side of their 1964 single "Goggle eye", both sides produced by Mickie Most, has remained a personal fave of mine. The slower, but steady and menacing beat is more powerful than T.N.T. in your headphones.
(Decca F12000 from 1964)
(Decca 7-34292 from 1965) 5. gone gone gone (?) - the surfaris

On this 6-track EP you'll find their best vocal track. It's a fantastic action beat tune by these "Wipe out" guys on their "Hit City '65" EP from 1965.
13. ookie dookie - leon martin
My copy is on the German Atlantic label. The flipside features The Top Notes and their "Twist and shout" version. It was this side that took me by surprise. It's a fast r&b/beat tune from 1962 and first released on the US Atlantic as a flipside to "Turn on your love light".
(Atlantic ATL70100 from 196.)
(Claridge CR301 from 1965) 6. tears melt the stones - the rockin' ramrods

Best known for their 1964 garage tune "She lied" this 1965 release shows their poppier side. This Boston quintet that started as an instrumentel combo later became the psychedelic band Puff. Sometimes they played under the moniker of The GTO's.
14. jody man - slim harpo
Born as James Isaac Moore in 1924 in Louisiana. And died in 1970 because of a heart attack. This 1969 Excello release was one of his very last recordings.
(Excello 2316 from 1969?)
(RCA-Victor 47-9575 from 196.) 7. birmingham - junior & the classics

Uptempo r&b greaser from 1964 on Groove. My copy's on RCA. Later they recorded some more 45s for the Magic Touch label. Junior was Junior Brantley.
15. searchin' - four kents
Band formed in Italy by 4 black American soldiers. Their 2nd 45 has the same soul feeling as fellow Americans in Italy, Rocky Roberts & the Airedales. Heavy bass, horns, vocal harmonies and when I close my eyes I see them dancing on stage in white three piece suits.
(RCA-Victor 45N1550 from 196.)
(Philips 40522 from 1968) 8. stranger at her door - the hello people 

In 1968 Philips released this West Coast pop tune. Both sides were also featured on their eponymous Philips album the same year.
16. ready or not here i come - second generation
I only know a Spanish release on Columbia and this release on Major Minor from 1970. Both sides under production of Tommy Scott. It was their 2nd of 4 releases between 1969 and 1972. Vocal harmony pop from the UK, typical for 1970.
(Major Minor MMR/NP03003 from 1969)