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"Groovy Motions"- 16 outaspace dancefloor fillers

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE102
"Dancing from 5 to 5 is good for the body and the mind..." 

(Decca 333.009
              from 1970) 1. donne-moi ton coeur et ta fleur - santa maria 

"Give me your heart and your flower" is what the French group Santa Maria is singing. For me this 1971 release is one of the best French pop songs ever. Itís a dancefloor favourite, not only over here, but everywhere I play it.

9. one wonderful moment - the shakers 

Released in 1967 and reissued in 1973 for Probe, this soulful dynamic popsike tune failed to hit the charts. All other Shakers 45 I have, were by other bands.

(Abc 45-10960
(Polydor 66561
              '69?) 2. neurotic saga - pro cromagnum 

If you have the compilation Wizzz (one of Franceís best compilations ever!), youíll know the song "Le papyvore" by Les Papyvores: well, this is the English sung original, recorded by the same studio people. Itís not a real band. Buddy Badge Montezuma & His Long Smoke Dreamers played in live as "Phone me" in England. Itís great psychedelia with drugs-related lyrics. And you should know that thereís going to be a second volume of Wizzz very soon!
10. i saw a girl - the shouts

The Scandinavian record label Sonet has released many terrific 45s in the 60s including this excellent beat stomper from Denmark. Especially in Holland they seem to like this song as a while ago they all went crazy on the dancefloor.
(Sonet T1794
(Hansa 14454AT
              ) 3. stop - giorgio moroder 

B-side of "Moody Trudy", this remains one of his best efforts ever. A popsike bubblegum stomper with phasing vocals and echo laden breaks from 1969 although the first version had been recorded already in 1966 with alternate lyrics as flipside to "Believe in me". In France "Moody Trudy" had a different B-side.
11. stop the machine - swinging soul machine

Who remembers Spooky & Sue? Spooky aka Iwan Groeneveld started this Rotterdam band in the late 60s. This is one of their three 7" releases from 1969. A year later, when Spooky left, they changed into Machine (see vol 53) for a heavier rock sound. "Stop the machine" reminds me of songs by Jess & James, Conexion, ...
(Polydor S1313
(Mercury 72660
              from 1967) 4. pipe dream - blues magoos

Better known for garage pop classics such as "We ain't got nothing yet" and "Dante's inferno", this will always remain one of their best recordings for me. This NY bas band from the Bronx shows their skills here at the organ and the fuzz guitar mixed with vocal harmonies
12. maybe we've been loving too long - the flying machine
Emerged from the ashes of Pinkerton's Assorted Colours in 1969 and this is their first release, on Pye and the US release on Congress. Pretty mainstream paisley pop from 1969.
(Pye 7N17722
              from 1969)
(Atco 45-6559
              '68) 5. groovy motions - the fireballs

Who doesn't know Jimmy Gilmer, George Tomsco etc? Hailing for New Mexico, this instrumental band, named after Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great balls of fire" in 1958, added vocals and in the late 60s even fuzz guitar sounds. Don't even think to flip over the record; "Goin' away" is utterly dull. 
13. peace - the sfinx's
This is yet another sizzling Belgian disc but unfortunately not too much is known about this group on the Flora label. Experts have assumed it is a studio group, it is their only release that sounds like 1967 but is actually from 1971.
(Flora 146
(Omega 35773
              from 1966) 6. but it's alright - j.j. jackson

J.J. Jackson needs no introduction. This 1966 Calla release (my copyís on Omega) is one of his finest efforts. Itís the flipside of "Boogaloo baby". His next 45 was "That ainít right" haha.
14. doin fine - python lee jackson
Supergroovy organ swinger on a 1970 b-side for GNP-Crescendo featuring a heavy fuzz guitar in the middle of the song while the organ keeps the funky groove going on and on.
(GNP Crescendo
              GNP449 í69?)
              AUG-101 '68) 7. cast thy burden upon the stone - the stillroven

A Minneapolis garage combo that released five 45s in their 3-year existence. This third release is high level psychedelic garage issued on an obscure record label August. On volume 181 there's more of this fine Minnesota band. 
15. looking at the future - little johnny taylor
Aw yeah! Funky soul groove from 1965 on the Galaxy label, this is super hot stompin' music from Arkansas. If you like scorching ballads, then flip over to "One more chance" on the A-side in a Nathaniel Mayer style.
(Galaxy 739
              from 1965)
              EUREC713) 8. thank you baby for coming - the matchmakers 

On the label the song is "Thank you baby for coming", but mostly it's listed as "Thank you baby", the flipside of "Sandy". My copy is on the Eurec label from Belgium, that released more bubblegum pop records for bands such as Ola & The Janglers. 
16. five by five - dave clark five
This is 1970 and it sounds like 1965 Davie Allan meets The Ventures. Man, this is a wild instro monster tune and so far away from the equally excellent Chaquita, their first 45 from 1962. 
              5C006-91490 from 1970)