"A demain my darling" - 16 rockin' croissants from France & Belgique

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"There's an amazing amount of fabulous 45s from France and Belgium; originals and translations, fast and slow, hard and soft, by well known artists and by long forgotten singers..."

(Barclay 60816 '6.) 1. cheese - noelle cordier 

This is an EP on Barclay from 1968. "Cheese" also appeared as a 45, both coupled with "Il doit faire beau la-bas". It's an uptempo ye-ye stomper about a cover girl and her photo shoots. Not cheesy at all, it's dance floor proof!

9. les ballons - jean-jacques 

French teenager Jean-Jacques reminds me of an older version of Kiki (see vols 4 and 49). Psychedelic bubblegum pop about balloons featuring a sitar, this song has nothing to do with Richard Anthony's 1968 "Les ballons" which was actually a Lee Hazlewood song.

(Weekend WE18062 '6.)
(Decca 450205 from 1966) 2. un petit rien - tonia 

Written by Roland Thyssen this was released on a 1966 Eurovision EP on Decca. Tonia is at her best with this fantastic French pop tune which failed to appear on Swinging Mademoiselles. 
10. a la porte d'a cote - roger joiry

This is a rare one from Belgium. Much sought after because the song was co-written by the legendary Baris Manco in 1967. It's a wonderful French popsike ye-ye ditty about what happens nextdoors.
(Vogue VB026 from 1967)
(RCA-Victor 87076 from 1969) 3. face au soleil - sylvie vartan 

One of France's best known female singers from the 60s Sylvie Vartan recorded this lesser known tune on this RCA EP from 1969. It's typical late 60s French teenie ye-ye pop.
11. la moto a jojo - groupie

"Amoureuse", the killer tune on the a-side, already appeared on the comp Swinging Mademoiselles 3. Nonetheless this one may not be ignored. Barcelona-born Groupie lived in France and recorded this hard to find 45. Typical French girl pop with a touch of late 60s rock although violins are to be heard as well.
(Maxi 17571 ‘6.)
(Festival FV26005 from 1965) 4. a demain my darling - marie laforet

She'll always be remembered for her splendid version of Paint It Black, but this is also one of her best, yet less powerful, recordings. It's 1965 and I like it very much.
12. c'est la danse de son nom
"It's the dance without a name" sings Salcy on one of his very first recordings for Vogue. Just imagine you're dancing the twist or the monkey or any other dance craze on the Mediterranian beach of Saint-Tropez when the sun goes down.
(Vogue V45-1128 from 1963)
(Discofoon FF3543 ‘6.) 5. tous les garcons et les filles - bebe hong suong

Sylvie Vartan became a star thanks to her "Tous les garçons let les filles". This Discofoon release shows a fine rendition of that classic tune as B-side for Adamo's "Amour perdu". It was also released on Teeny Records b/w Petula Clark's "Coeur blessé".
13. ma vie a t'attendre - frank alamo
"Tired of waiting for you", the Kinks classic sung in French by teenage idol Alamo, born Jean-François Grandin. Other translations on this 1965 EP are "Good night Irene" s "Des filles et des garçons" and "Tell her no" as "Dis-lui non".
(Barclay 231081 '6.)
(Markal MA455 from 1964) 6. giorgianna - marc aryan 

When you listen to this unexpected cool recording by Marc Aryan, you'd think it's 1968 instead of 1964. A great laid back tribute to Giorgina, it's Aryan at his best.
14. saint-james infirmary - john william
An EP with negro-spirituals from 1963, but all sung in French. Also included are "Michael row the boat ashore" and "Go down Mose" as "Paix aux pauvres gens". Could've been recorded in New Orleans.
(Polydor 27145 from 1963)
(Rigolo RI18739 ‘6.) 7. soleil blanc - henri salvador

Rolf Harris' "Sun arise" in French? Yep! "Soleil blanc" includes vocal didgeridoos to pay tribute to Australia. Salvador at his best with this mix of wit and sheer madness. 
15. on s'en fout - les problemes
Flipside of Antoine's "Contre-élucubrations problématiques" on a 1966 Vogue. This backing band recorded several cool tunes and often they sound better than with Antoine. This is excellent ye-ye beat from France.
(Vogue V45-1352 from 1966)
(Philips B370798F) 8. je te veux - johnny hallyday 

Flipside of "Rivière ouvre ton lit" and a terrific late 60s rockin' tune by Jean-Philippe Smet, born in Belgium in 1943, although he's known as France's best selling rock 'n' roll singer. 
16. benny ben - johnny day
Côte d'Azur sounds from the unknown Johnny Day who recorded this organ accompanied ye-ye song for New Music Corporation. C'est magnifique and the perfect end for this volume. 
(New Music Corporation 2028)