"SUPER tunes to take off again" - 16 super tunes from the Ungawa vaults

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE100
"This is the first of a whole new set of volumes full of 45s from the 50s and 60s not yet compiled on a vinyl sampler..."

(Jad JAD10-Y
              ) 1. blues to take it off by - groundhog 

Released on Major Minor as by Joe Groundhog Richardson and this release on Jad as by Groundhog. Don't worry, it's exactly the same. The flip "Take it off" is a song I learned from the seminal compilation album "Cough syrup for Elvis impersonators", allegedly compiled by legendscary Lux Interior. It's a super sexy sleazy blues instrumental for bedrooms only.

9. slap happy -  the congo kid 

On the obscure Bull Dog label from 1959 this fast tequila drenched bongo instrumental madness can even get the dead on the dance floor.

(Bulldog 104
              from 1959)
(Decca 23575
              from 1964) 2. caravelle - the caravelles 

A Micky Day production for Decca. It starts with a message in an airport lounge, where this instrumental seems to have been recorded. For Cousins and Jokers fans. And it appropriately ends with a plane taking off.
10. go go shoes - lonnie youngblood

In 1967 Fairmont Records released this soul stomper by Georgia born saxophonist Lonnie Youngblood who also worked with Curtis Knight and Jimi Hendrix.
              F1002 from 1967)
(Entree 106) 3. soul man - the blockbusters 

Las Vegas based Entree Records released this wild guitar instrumental in 1964. It's not soul music, no sir it ain't. It's just crazy monster rock 'n' roll.
11. gonna have a good time - the clingers

Bubblegum pop by 4 girls in a garage recorded in 1969 and released on CBS. Earlier they were known as The Clinger Sisters, but later on they settled into Christian music. Forget the flip… it's crap.
(CBS 4047 from
(Shad 5013
              from 1959) 4. riot in room 3c - the knockouts

A 1959 release on the obscure Shad label from New York City. A voice declares there's a riot going on in Room 3C; what follows is pure instrumental guitar mayhem. The A-side is a high school ballad called Darling Lorraine.
12. heartbreak - shu swanson & the savoyards
Fab creepy organ instro monster on Laurie from 1964. The guitar break in the middle of the song is mind bending.
(Laurie LR3208
              from 1963)
(Laurie LR3427
              from 1968) 5. heart full of soul II - jamie lyons group

Music Explosion's Jamie Lyons and his band are here for a wild hammond groove soulful instrumental, released on Laurie in 1968. If you prefer bubblegum pop, you'll enjoy the flipside "Gonna have a good time".
13. long tall shortie - the invictas
You all know the ultra wild "Let's do the hump". This is the crazy flipside. Released in 1965 on the Sahara label from Bufallo, NY. It's a laid back rock 'n' roll devil tune. It has absolutely nothing to do with "Long tall shorty".
              45-SH-107 from 1965)
(Atco 45-6468
              from 1967) 6. blues for elmer - mark III trio 

An organ drenched voodoo jazz instro killer from 1966, the same year they recorded "Good grease" for Wingate. The flipside "The sleeper" is a slow menacing organ instrumental that was too weird for Verve or Blue Note.
14. shimmy fever - richie spina
One of the shimmiest shimmy tunes ever! An also one of the lesser known as I cannot find any bit of info on this guy. It's an American release on Regalia, a label I don't know anything about. The flip "Believe me baby" is pretty standard high school rock 'n' roll.
              CA-1015 from 1957) 7. so young - clyde stacy & the young caps

One of the weirdest jailbait tunes I know about teenage love. Lolita drenched slow & dark rock 'n' roll. As far as I know this was his first release. On the Manhasset, NY based label Candlelight in 1957. If you want to speed up things, then flip over that 45 for his demented "Hoy hoy".
15. serre-moi, griffe-moi - claude francois
"Bend me shape me" in French? Yes it is! The Models' version will never be beaten, but this 1968 rendition might as well be the craziest and sexiest, sung by France's leading 60s singer who was known as Clo-Clo and got electrocuted in his bath tub.
              Fleche 424552BDE '6.)
(Moonglow 5159
              from 1961) 8. noche y dia - carlos montero 

Cole Porter's "Night and day" sung in Spanish by Carlos Montero for the Moonglow label with the help from a saucy lady. Born in Argentina as Juan Carlos Zamboni.
16. die schoenste musik die es gibt - france gall
In 1967 France's top girl singer France Gall recorded this wonderful German sung version of the classic "Music to watch girls by". It's indeed the most beautiful music there is…
(Decca D19866