"Away from here" - 16 dreams to fly away to another age



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE98
"Be it soul, psychedelia, glam or beat: any reason is welcome to get away from here. I can't remember the last time I listened to the radio for more than half an hour. I'm so lucky to have my own radio show..."

Columbia DB7523 from 1965 1. i wanna fly – the ladybirds

Terrific uptempo soul tune by these girls. After this one you want to fly away from here as well; even if it’s only for two minutes. The other side features a cover version of “OK Fred”.
9. i don’t want your love – the shanes
This sounds like 1966 and it's released on the Belgian division of Columbia. These Scandinavian guys recorded one of the heaviest foot stompin' garage beat tunes I've ever heard to come out of Europe. The B-side is a Chuck Berry song "Sweet little rock 'n' roller”.
Columbia DBC1005
CBS 3500 from 1968 2. dream – cupids inspiration
And while flying you could dream of finding this 45 in your naighbour’s trash can. This wyld psyched-out garage tune is for the best these guys ever recorded. As b-side of “Yesterday has gone” it remained hidden to most of the deejays, but the last few years it was rediscovered and played at lots of parties all over Europe.
10. we don’t care – stern selection

For lovers of Belgian sounds from 1970 like The Tops or The Snapshots (why only those?)  this is a terrific instrumental tune with a great organ, heavy bass and a groovy guitar hooks. Both sides are both own compositions.
Radar 1092 from 1970
Polydor  International 52945 3. the very last day – the road hogs

This German outfit hailed from Kiel in the north. “The very last day” is a fine example of European mid-60s beat. Also the swirling organ sounds wonderful. Judgment day will come soon… It’s the b-side of “My generation” that you can find on vol 95.
11. mister roadie – the bunch
This b-side of “Sneaky woman”, both written by Ray Bossaer, sounds like so many early 70s bands in Belgium. The Bunch were formerly known as The Swallows (see vol
86). Mix the psychedelic beat from the Swallows with a John Fogerty sauce and you get “Mister roadie”.
Gamma RW1027 from 1971
Capitol EAP1-20717 from 1965 4. the man from uncle – the gallants

Two songs from this EP were also released as a 45 (see vol 74). The 4th track is “The vagabond”, but it’s this instrumental theme from “The man from U.N.C.L.E.” that I like the most. Also the sleeve is marvellous with the Colonel Ryan movie shot.
12. watching the world pass by – vipers
Another Belgian band. “Watch the world pass by” was coupled with “Reflections of Charlie Brown” and is a fine popsike tune, and completely different than their cover version of the Electric Prunes song “Sold to the highest bidder”, to be found on 59. More Vipers on vol 130.
Parlophone 4C006-23277
Polydor International 52954 5. stupidity – pete lancaster & the upsetters

After 4 Yeahs and a break this organ r&b stomper takes you to some place else, away from here anyway. Mostly it’s a square and sometimes it still has a wooden floor: oh yes, a dance floor where stupidity doesn’t count. Do the jerk even if you’re not a jerk; nobody cares as long as you’re having fun.
13. what would you do if i did that to you – nolan

Nolan aka N.F. Porter (remember his fabulous “Keep on keepin’ on”?) recorded this as b-side for “Crazy love”, the Van Morrison song. Exciting drive, easy lyrics to sing along, simply a great song.
Lizard X21003 from 1971
Polydor International 52954 6. baby, baby, baby – pete lancaster & the upsetters
And here’s the flipside. Another fab slice of r&b drenched mid-60s beat power. Nice picture sleeve, no?
14. never know – the mayfair set
Let’s go back to far east side of Belgium, to Limburg for this b-side of “Crying”. A far much better groovy pop tune with a lead organ and almost four minutes long. Lots of copies were pressed but most remained in the record shelves.
Polydor 2051079 from 1971
Fontana 6007036 from 1974 7. motorcycle dream – slack alice
A mid-70s Easy Rider styled  road song. It’s too early to sound like AC-DC but too late to be called glam rock. And that’s why the b-side  is called “Ridin’ the wind”.
15. anything at all – moebius bottle
Again a b-side here (of “O my mother”). Hard to describe as there are a million influences on 3 and a half minutes. The overall sound is 70s for sure and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were from France. Psychedelic it is, oh yes. And what about the last 20 seconds? Mayhem, demented mayhem!
Riviera 121309
Philips 6012422 from 1974 8. mamma mia – left side

One of the ugliest foursomes; just look at the sleeve. Fortunately the songs are better than their looks. Both sides written and produced by Peter Koelewijn, so this must be a Dutch outfit.
16. flower man – the garden of eden

The year, the title, the band’s name and this time no surprises: it’s flower power time with a nod to the Mamas And The Papas. Okay, let’s go away from here.
Verve VK10541 from 1967