"Jabedabedou" - 16 recently discovered gemstones from Rockville



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE93
"Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty, Pebbles and Bamm Bamm or maybe Marino and Eartha, Teihotu and the Shepherd Sisters... They all are dancing to the Jabedabedou in Rockville 1956 BC..."

Ronnex R20436 from 1964 1. oh lola! – willy williams

Sung in Flemish this b-side of “Marie-Louise” is a slow yet sultry bossa influenced cheek-to-cheek tune. I’m sure this song could’ve been found in a hotel lounge juke box.
9. sho-jo-ji (the hungry raccoon) – eartha kitt

First a big gong crash and then the surprising oriental sounding voice of Kitt. I think this was from a movie. “Sho-jo-jo is a hungry raccoon, always hungry…” she’s singing all the time. Too crazy to be true haha. On the flipside you get Miiko Koh with a traditional version of “Sayonara”.
Victor SS-1300
Ronnex 1202x45 from 1957 2. x-cello rock – louis brooks & his hi-toppers
It’s a split-single (b-side is Johnny Jano with “Havin’ a whole lot of fun”) on the best known Belgian label in those days. It’s a organ-led boogie rockin’ tune featuring a saxophone in the second part of the song.
10. mambo jambo – terry snyder & the all stars

Beat the bongos and every other percussion instrument you can think about, add some horns and put Perez Prado on speed and then you’ll get a super fab version of “Mambo jambo”. This 45 was also released as Command AVR1006. This release features a fine version of “Brazil”.
Command SSD-20008
Ronnex 1152x45 from 1956 3. rock ‘n’ roll cha cha cha – shepherd sisters

As the title implies, this song combines the (pre-) rock 'n' roll attitude of, say, the Andrews Sisters with the mid-50s interest in Latin sounds. These were real sisters: Mary Lou, Martha, Gayle and Judy Shepherd and during one decade they released 45s on a dozen labels, including this Belgian label.    b-side of “Gone with the wind”
11. eso beso – wyn hoop

Isn’t he cool looking? This German guy sings a German bossa tune about kissing. Just imagine you’re inside the lounge of the cruise ship “Love Boat” and then this fellow comes down the stairs; please forget about “Sag biem Abschied nicht Goodbye” which is on the flipside
Decca D45-9466
Polydor 3123 from 1963 4. jabedabedou – bob martin
Bob Martin must have been a big Trini Lopez fan as this sounds a lot like his “If I had a hammer”, but sung in Flemish and not exactly the same. Was he also a fan of the Flintstones? JABBADABBADOO Wiiiiiiiiiiilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
12. googa-mooga – lou bennet trio

One of the fiercest organ instrumentals I know from the late 50s. And what to say about the jazz guitar freakin’ out. This is everything Jimmy Smith never was. The flip is another instrumental “Diggin’ Ilene”.
Dawn 45-234 from 1957
Bel-Air 221067 from 1960 5. les papous – los matecoco

For me Bourvil's version of Les Papous will remain the most exciting one, but this is the most exotic version. Not all their albums are super, but this EP sure is. Fast latin rhythms and easy to dance to. No, difficult not to dance to. And add some ghoulish laughter and a monkey shout and party!
13. poco pelo – marino marini

Yep, here’s again my Napolitan hero. I don’t know Italian, but I think he’s singing about a guy who’s losing his hair. It’s a fine cha cha cha tune in true Chakachas style.
Vogue Durium DVEP95119
Barclay 72203 6. si contigo no – tony molina

”If with you, no…” is what Tony Molina and his combo are playing on this 4-track, 2-band EP. I bought this 45 for the gorgeous picture on the sleeve.
14. tahua hua – teihotu & ses tahitiens

There’s a thin line between Hawaiian waikiki tunes and Tahitian tamouré songs. If you can’t tell the difference, don’t worry: they’re both exciting Polynesian tiki drenched music styles. Close your eyes and you’ll see the hula skirts under the palm trees.
Bel Air 221172
Vogue-Durium DV45-98009 from 1956 7. la pansé – marino marini

I never get enough from Marino Marini. His music reminds me of Napoli in the early 50s; why? I don’t know. Even my parents were too young then to know about Italy or any country other than Belgium or Holland. On the b-side you get “Parata di Giocattoli”.

15. surf snap surf – jean-claude pelletier

Only 65 seconds long, but oh so good. This is one of the finest instrumental recordings Pelletier made. My fave are “Aurelie” and “Planete X”, both on an album I’ll sure select for my “album tracks compilations”.
Gala Des Varietes G-344
Rigolo RI10049 8. trois roues a mon chariot – henri salvador

Again a song from the crazy side of Salvador, the side he knows ignores at interviews. As you can see on the pic sleeve, it’s a song about native Indians. The b-side is “Socialement parlant”.
16. nine times out of ten – steve stannard & johnny worth

This sounds late 50s to me. And the guitar sounds like it came straight from a Marino Marini record. This song ends my journey to Rockville, no not the Maryland town…
R&R G3018/21