"Ungawa chika" - 16 weird ungawa-drenched novelties



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE91
"It's more than just "novelty"; also popcorn, exotica, soul and library tunes get this Ungawa touch. All over the world they know this word, the sexiest in rock 'n' roll history..."

Fania 479 1. ungawa – ali baba
Louie Ramirez aka Ali Baba recorded a lot of fine latin tunes (his Fania album "Ali Baba" is highly recommended!), but to me his most exciting recording is this one, a song about a girl from Mars named Ungawa. It took me a very long time to find this 45. I play this song to end my DJ set when I am the last DJ of the evening. 
9. pass the wine – arnold goland

Another great instrumental selection for this volume. Was this written for a movie sequence? It’s better than any Kaempfert or Bacharach composition from that era. Halfway through the song this instrumental turns out to be a vocal tune: a female choir lifts this song up to an even higher level.
United Artists UA50335
Shout S-228 from 1967 2. afro-twist time (um-gow-wow) – jerryo

And here’s another Ungawa song. It’s no surprise I collect all songs with Ungawa references. Take half of the Tom & Jerrio couple (see vols 14, 46 and 86) and you get this great Afro Twist boogaloo tune.
10. chik-a, chik-a – floyd & jerry
In 1967 on Double Shot, this reissue on the Belgian Palette label was coupled with “I’m not afraid” on the A-side. It’s a poppy tune with fine snotty vocals, a fast pace and not so silly lyrics. This could have been a hit single, alas…
Palette PB25765 from 1968
Polydor 2066004 3. ro ro rosey – charlie brown
A 70s song by a band I don’t know anything about. I know that they recorded for Polydor and for Contact in the early 70s. I assume they were from the New York area. The b-side is “My own man”
11. shotgun – made in denmark

Early 70s slow rock tune as B-side of “Queen of spades”. Were they a Danish outfit? I never heard of this five-piece before. A great psych guitar break in the middle makes this song a little bit longer than necessary, more than three and a half minutes.
Columbia 2C006-37200
Fania 479 4. cocinando con ali – ali baba

And this is the b-side of the Ungawa song by Louie Ramirez aka Ali Baba. Almost four minutes long “Cooking with Ali” with Latin and boogaloo ingredients on the legendary Fania label.
12. i’m gonna get you (in the end) – monalisa & terry young
It sounds like The Classics IV’s “Spooky” with different lyrics and some added spice. This B-side of “I wanna make it with you tonight” features two great soulful singers.
Miracle MS520
Melba 45X140157 from 1976 5. bonjour madame, merci madame, au revoir madame – la bande à basile

Don’t let the year of release fool you: this b-side of “Les chansons françaises” is better than that. Mix Jacques Dutronc with Les Poppys and Billy Ze Kick and you know what to expect.
13. stronger than dirt – jay & the techniques

There are so many versions of “Stronger than dirt”, but this version as b-side of “Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie” is one of my faves. The hardest must be the one by The Mummies. There are also a lot of instrumental renditions of this cool song. A great soul touch and a heavy guitar and that’s all I need to dance.
Smash S-2086 from 1967
Shout S-228 from 1967 6. dance what cha wanna – jerryo
Oh yes, also this Jerryo platter has two fantastic sides. And it’s even faster than the flipside also on this volume. One year later it was also released on the JayBee label.
14. all i wanna do is dance – bobby bloom
Blue eyed soul by a guy who only wants to dance and that’s what I’m doing right now! Parts of this song sound like “Quick Joey Small”, the classic Kasenetz-Katz tune. Bobby Bloom was also active in several bands of this producer duo such as The Music Explosion, The Archies and Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army.
London 5644 from 1968
Roulette 45VR195026 from 1966 7. sock it to me – the joe cuba sextet
Originally released on Tico 490, this b-side of “Oh Yeah!” is one of Joe Cuba’s finest dance tunes. Tropical fiesta por favor
15. angela – professor morrison’s lollipop

On the B-side of this split single you find the previous selection. Layng Martine Jr aka Professor Morrison recorded several 45s for the White Whale label in 1968-69. This one was originally coupled with “Duba buba doo”. A fine teenyboppin’ bubblegum tune.
London 5644 from 1968
Lost Nite LN239 8. donkey twine – the rockin’ rebels

This is a later release of their “Wild weekend” and it has another flip. “Donkey twine”, a superb dancing instrumental with several breaks, a swirling organ and a fantastic fuzz guitar. I’ll play this at one of my next gigs. Even wheel chair aficionados will tap their toes.
16. theme of the midem – arnold goland

And I end this volume with another big band soundtrack score, but the movie never happened.  This great theme of the midem (what’s a midem?) is the perfect slice for this Ungawa compilation.
United Artists UA50335