"Coming attractions" - 16 phuntastic popcorn pearls



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE89
"Who's coming to town? Another deejay with the uncoolest 45s from long forgotten days... Pick a 1000 record spinning geeks and maybe one of them would have more than one of these sixteen pearls in his carefully selected pack of 45s. It really doesn't have to be expensive to be exquisite..."

ABC-Paramount 45-9950 from 1958 1. beyond the shadow of a doubt – sonny day
A long forgotten popcorn beauty from 1958. My favourite Sonny Day song however is "The creature from outer space"; also his "Lou Ann" is recommended, but these two have been reissued several times and this hasn't. Play this song right after "Blue moon baby" if you want  the same mood. Dave “Diddle” Day is the same guy!
9. i’m so glad – gamma goochee himself
“I’m so glad she’s my little girl” by the man who wrote Gamma Goochie, a minor Kingsmen hit. It’s the b-side of “Sweet violets” and it’s a fine example of uptempo soul-infected pop and thus it has nothing to do with the song with the same title (as by bands like Maze,…)
Colpix CX45.239 ’66
Dot 45-17185 from 1968 2. coming attractions – art wheeler & the nickelodeon
Do you also hate MTV’s Nickelodeon? Well, this has nothing to do with it. “Coming attractions” is great blue-eyed soul with a popsike twist. “Pawn shop”, the flip, isn’t worth hunting down this 45, but this tune sure is! Wheeler had some more 45s on Cee Jam, Swinging’ and Sabrina in the 60s.

10. young man, old man – mel taylor
What a great instrumental this is: and with a manic piano in the lead while halfway through this song the drums also have an important role; thanks to the horns this should have been a television theme for a great show.
Warner Bros 5690 from 1966
Major Minor MAM526-Y 3. jezebel – roger jensen
One of the best Jezebel versions I know. Uptempo, drama, breaks, warm voice, everything you need for this fantastic Wayne Shanklin tune. One of the best and certainly the wildest live version (next to The Mummies’) is the one by Catacombo/The Ambassadors. Don’t judge this song by the sleeve of this 45!
11. i’ve got my love to keep me warm – mel taylor and the magics
And here’s the flipside which sounds like a wild reincarnation of Bert Kaempfert. You can’t sit down to this jive, I know! He also recorded with The Ventures.
Warner Bros 5690 from 1966
Cameo Parkway CP26395 from 1963 4. she said – chubby checker
No, not the Hasil Adkins tune. It’s a fast boogaloo styled dancefloor killer that never seems to get inside a deejay’s record box for some unknown reason. This is a European release, and I’m not sure it was even released on a 45 in the US. Both sides (+ “She’s a hippy”) are also on his 1963 album “Beach party”.
12. teminha pra beb – mongo santamaria
The Brazilian flavoured jazz instrumental b-side of “Last tango in Paris” by one of the uncrowned kings of Latin pop. His sixties releases are all recommended and also this early 70s recording can spice up each lounge party.
Blue Elephant BE24525H ‘73
MGM 61025 5. robot man – connie francis
I know several versions of this song, but never found Connie’s on a compilation. This popcorn b-side of “Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel” (Love is a rare game) is easily one of her best recordings.

13. le lit de lola – marie laforet
A song about Lola’s bed. For more about Marie Laforet who recorded “Marie douceur Marie colere”, the French translation of Paint It Black, you can check out vols 99 and 101. The b-side is “Qu’y-a-t’il de change”.
Festival DN825 from 1968
Van Dyke 1606L 6. linda sue – lee garrett
Uptempo early 60s r&b slice by Lee Garrett who also wrote the better known “Tell the world”, the A-side.

14. monsieur le facteur – les kelton
French version of “Mister Postman”. Les Kelton recorded quite a few 45s, mostly for the Disc AZ label. This is fine French 60s beat. On the flip you’ll find the ballad “Pour ton retour”.
DiscAZ AZ1160
President PRC152 7. la cucara cha cha – los muchachos  y sus mariachis
A cha cha cha version of Mexico's second national anthem. Just look at the sleeve and you know that these guys were playing this when the photo was taken. This EP also features three other traditionals including a fine rendition of La Bamba. I think this was released around 1960.
15. i’m so glad that you found me – the girls from petticoat junction
No, this ain’t wild, crazy or heavy; it’s bittersweet girl pop, almost easy going like candy. Flower power pop by these girls from Petticoat Junction. The b-side’s called  “If you could only be me”.
Audition 66329 from 1968
Cardinal C3287 8. baby shake – the new four
Sung in Dutch as B-side of “Zomertijd – wintertijd”. Originally on Negram “Baby shake” sounds like an early 60s r&r tune. The lyrics sound so silly that this recording had to be selected on one of my comps.
16. georgia here i come – dave morgan
This b-side of “We’re gonna change all this” somehow is an oddity on this volume. Definitely influenced by 1967 Kinks.
Global GLO105