"Transglobal tracks" - 16 non-English treats from all over the world



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE88
"Europe vs Latin-America: Spanish, French, German and Flemish-Dutch. Covers vs Originals. The battle continues while Henri Salvador invites Bonnie & Clyde to shoot the opposition..."

Vergara 45.270 ‘6. 1. fuego – los sirex

Hot hot hot! This is Arthur Brown’s “Fire” in Spanish! And it’s the best tune I can imagine to set afire the English language domination. Enjoy one of Spain’s fiercest bands…

9. brigitte bardot – rolf peer und die ping pongs

And now a little bit faster with the German version. And on the b-side you’ll find the cha-cha tune “Gaucho, das lass lieber sein”. The band is accompanied by Willy Hoffmann and his orchestra.
Ariola 45 204
Vergara 45.270 2. yo soy tremendo – los sirex

…and here they are once more with the flipside. “Yo soy tremendo” or “I am tremendous” is a soulful pop tune that isn’t even half as good as its flipside, but still it’s much better than most of the other Spanish pop songs.

10. bongo cha cha cha – caterina und silvio

It’s from the movie “Du bist wunderbar”, as is “Es war in Portugal im Mai”. The two other songs on this EP are “Sweet-Sweetheart” and “Jimmy, Du”. Caterina Valente was also starring in that Schlagerfilm.
Decca DX2102 from 1959
Capitol EPEM-10273 3. nadie como yo – los yaki
Another Spanish translation: this is “Nobody but me” and it is awesome!  These Mexican guys recorded lots of cover versions, like the Kinks’ “All day and all of the night” and some of those recordings resurfaced on several Mexican or Latinamerican compilations. They had one album on Pickwick and another one on Capitol in 1969.
11. un an en amazonie – antoine

Ever thought of finding a French sung version of Marc Bolan’s “Hot love”? Antoine did it! Of course all T-Rex fans will try to kill him right now, haha. The B-side is “‘scusez-moi M’sieur Antoine” with also features Daniele Gilbert.
Vogue 45V4004 ’71
Capitol EPEM-10273 4. sal de ami – los yaki
Oh yes, another translation. It’s “Stagger Lee” this time. The other two songs on this EP are “Mi adoracion”, a Gilbert Becaud composition, and “Sylvia”, a Spanish sung version of “Woman woman”.
12. angelique ou polygamie – alain dubar, jerome et victor

Highly influenced by Carlos Santana this four minutes long bongo with organ tune is much better than most of Santana’s early 70s recordings. The b-side = “Troune bidoune A1”. Originally released on Elver.
Vogue 45V4042 ’72
Capitol EPEM-10151 5. sonia – los yaki

And here’s another Los Yaki EP with some more Spanish translations. This is “Sunny”, a splendid effort! This EP contains two more translations : “Vuelve a mi por siempre” (=“You have lost that lovin’ feeelin’”) and “Barrio pobre” (= Johnny Rivers’ “Poor side of town”. The fourth song is “Teresa”.

13. popcorn festival – mat camison

Perhaps one of the best “Popcorn” versions ever recorded, it’s sung in French (yes, no instrumental!). I wonder if Gershon Kingsley ever had the chance to hear this one.
Barclay 61.653
Polydor NH3307 6. gloria hallelujah – harry herman

A Belgian guy who sounds a little bit like Will Tura (and that’s the reason why nobody over here would ever think of dancing to this song), but the fuzz guitar is heavier than most of the late 60s Belgian releases. Too bad that in the middle section of this song it suddenly turns into a ballad. A weird selection?

14. avoir 20 ans – jacqueline dulac

A dreamy, feeling-good, late 60s song by Mademoiselle Dulac about being 20 years old. I doubt if she’s ever recorded anything more extreme than this as all the rest I know are typical French ballads.
RCA-Victor 87-089 ’69
Delta DS1315 7. gina lollobrigida – tony bass

A Flemish sung 45 with “Tranen in jouw ogen” (= Tears in your eyes) on the B-side. For lovers of Dutch 45s only or for Lollobrigida fans.

15. rock ‘n’ roll star – eddy mitchell

On the b-side you’ll find “Pneumonie rock et boogie woogie toux”, a French translation of Huey Smith’s “Rock ‘n’ roll pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu”. “Rock ‘n’ roll star” is also a French sung tune and one of the heaviest sounding recordings Mitchell ever released.
Barclay 61.451
CNR UH9534 8. brigitte bardot – de emeralds

I have so many versions of the best known song about Brigitte Bardot. And still I find crazy 45s like this: it's sung in Dutch. For more renditions of this song check out volume 23.
16. ballade pour bonnie and clyde – henri salvador

Fooled ya! It’s got nothing to do with the Georgie Fame song or the Serge Gainsbourg duet with Brigitte Bardot.  No, it’s written by Salvador himself. The B-side features a translation of “I was a good song”, “J’étais une bonne chanson”. It starts and ends with a drive-by shooting, gangster style.
Rigolo RI10064