"Trip to Weirdsville" - 16 visits to the vaults of weirdness



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE84
"My home, that is weirdsville to me: the record vault where I'm dwelling all night through and rediscovering these crazy 45s. What? Where I'm living? Hehe... don't think you could ever handle this level of weirdness..."

PPK HPK-769 1. benny’s shake – john wallis

Don’t get fooled by the sleeve; this is instrumental orchestral beat from a label called Populaire Platen Kring or better known as PPK. John Barry meets The Ventures.
9. jaguar – john wallis

Another tune from that EP (see first song on this volume) and this is simply great spine chilling guitar picking mixed with an orchestra led by John Wallis. Close your eyes and sit down in your bamboo chair and you’ll hear the jaguar racing by.
RCA 47-7006 from 1957 2. gotta have something in the bank frank – bob jaxon

Oh boy, is this fast or is this fast? One of the craziest tunes on these 99 volumes!  Bob Jaxon & the Hi-Tones recorded only three 45s that I know of: for Cadence, 20th Fox and this one for RCA. I don't know if the Jaxon Sisters are the girls you can hear singing along.
10. viens dans le spoetnik – emile sullon

In 1958 the Russian satellite Sputnik was the talk of the day. "Enter the Sputnik" is what this typical French/Belgian comedy song is all about. For space age lovers only.
Ronnex 20076 from 1958
Capitol F3019 from 1955 3. whadaya want – the cheers

An uptempo 1955 jiver from the band that gave us the brilliant Bert Convy (see his "Nee-no-nah-nee" on
vol 12). His "Gorilla" still is one of the best horror cuts ever. After several releases on Capitol they switched to Mercury.
11. brussels sprouts – fred spencer

How much more Belgian can you go with brussels sprouts? Belgian endive maybe? This orchestra of Fred Spencer gave us a fine recording about the vegetable every kid hates.
London 95120
Decca AT14140 4. doe maar net alsof – peter en zijn rockets
This is a Dutch translation of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue” by the king of Dutch rock ‘n’ roll and beat Peter Koelewijn with his Rockets. The song title means “Just pretend”. It’s a teenage tragedy love song about Irene instead of Peggy Sue.
12. teenage twister – the classmates

The year 1962 was thee year of the twist. "She’s my twistin’ date" or "Teenage twister" is an excellent twistin’ rockin’ tune by one of the many bands called The Classmates. On vol 1 there’s also a band with the same name, but probably a different outfit.
Radar 45-2624 from 1962
Decca 922910 5. hoopa-hoola – bill humber & his hula-kings

Oh yes, "Aloha e" is the main influence of this song mixed with a Hawaiian version of "Hula hoop". Bill Humber is the orchestra leader, but I don’t know the name of the girl singing this great exotic tune. Watch the record sleeve if you don’t know how to use a hula hoop.
13. animals rock ‘n’ roll – chuck rhubarb & his sergents

I can’t help but love novelty tunes; this boogie woogie rock ‘n’ roll tune features dogs, goats, roosters and more crazy cats. Really nuts!!!
Rose Q5003
Polydor NH3030 from 1962 6. ching ching – los pepitos

A crazy laugh and a bongo twist tune is all what it takes to make Ching Ching a highly enjoyable party tune. Less than two minutes long, but at this speed you couldn't last any longer on the dance floor.
14. il sogni del mare - mario molino & his magic guitars

A moody slide guitar instrumental for lovers in the moonlight on the beach. Not quite Hawaiian, thus no South Pacific but rather Mediterranean waves that wake you up when you fell asleep on the beach.
Cannon 3012
Columbia C23145 7. indiano – andy nevison & his rhythm masters

It’s a well done rip-off of Lord Sutch’s "Jack the ripper" and "Peter Gunn locomotion" and thus it can be perfectly mixed with The Genteels’ "Take it off". In the meantime it’s been picked up on another compilation, but I was first.
15. the song of lotus lee – bobby christian

For me Bobby Christian will always be the guy who gave me the nuttiest, most horrifying, craziest novelty horror record ever: see vol 16 and you’ll have to agree. This is also an instrumental, and it sounds like 1961 to me.
Top Rank RA-2004
Pye 7N17058 from 1966 8. booga dee – mike felix

An organ-drenched r&b tune from the mid-60s that sounds like they’re singing "Booker T" instead of "Booga Dee".
16. chez kit – laurent

If you’ve ever been "chez Kit", it’s unlikely you’ll ever forget the experience. Albeit a French song title, it’s an English sung ode to Kitty from Cincinatti, Ohio.
DiscAZ SG344