"Babalu sex" - 16 early 60s tunes from planet S-E-X



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE82
"TPlanet SEX where all the girls have black hair; if that's true, I'll take a one way ticket and go by satellite and fly for 7 years surviving on canned love..."

Ember EMB S175 from 1963 1. s-e-x – miss x

A super sleazy sultry sexy song about the one thing that can start AND end a war : SEX. On an uptempo exotic latin groove Miss X lures you into her steamy hot bedroom straight onto her kingsize bed. Then she whispers in your ear and reveals her real name … see a little bit further on this volume for the rest of this story…
9. christine – miss x

Did you check out the first song of this volume ? Yes ? Well, now you know her name "My name’s Christine… what’s yours?…. You’re joking… What? Now?... But I’m a good girl…" and this highly inflammable sexy song takes you to the main bedroom of a sultana’s harem. And who on earth could write a song like this ? The Spanish Count Don Jaime de Mora y Aragon, who’s the brother of the Belgian Queen Fabiola! I don’t think she’d like this…
Ember EMB S175 ’63
Moonglow 5152 from 1961 2. havah nagilah – arthur lyman group

What a great song to be put on a b-side of «Yellow bird». I first thought it would sound like a Jewish Robinson family on a deserted South Pacific Island. It starts with a slow beat and after one minute the whole family gathers around the bonfire and every thinkable wooden instrument can be heard now, all surrounding a crazy piano trying to outrun the percussionists.
10. chicaboum – los pepitos

A Brasilian flavoured samba tune sung in Spanish, but I think this was a Belgian combo trying to copy another Belgian combo The Chakachas, who were world famous in the late 50s/early 60s. A little bit more Caribbean sound can be found on the b-side with their "Cancion Cubana".
Heliodor 453919
Brandin 211 3. babalu ska – ray jameson

It begins with a Spanish ole-ole flamenco tune, but then it changes into a cool exotic orchestral instrumental using a spooky organ. If you have a lot of imagination, you can hear a ska underbeat. Watch out for the flipside…
11. rosez – ray jameson

Unusual novelty tune with an eerie sound. It’s an excellent instrumental which must have been recorded around 1959.
Brandin 211
Reon RN1304 4. you can’t can love - kitty karr

Is there a sexier name than Kitty? This release seems to be so rare that I couldn’t find any info. It sounds like 1960. It’s got that typical early 60s girl group feeling. If you love this, check out the b-side ("Lonely valley"), but first try to find the 45.
12. cross roads pt2 – luther randolph & johnny stiles

pt1 is on the a-side, but I prefer the wilder flipside. It’s so catchy, so inviting, so vivid. Snap your fingers and clap your hands, stamp your feet and shake your head… yes, I know you can’t sit down ! Fantastic organ instrumental from the early 60s.
Cameo Parkway CP26392
Warner Bros A5288 from 1961 5. black is the color of my true love’s hair – john buck & his blazers

I love John Buck’s guitar. On vol 60 you get the flipside of his fabulous "Forbidden city", a Lux Interior favourite. This instrumental is so awesome that I can play it over and over again. It’s the b-side of "Jalisco".
13. one way ticket – the cliffters
There are so many versions of this song. In the late 70s Eruption even had a worldwide hit, but they were singing about "One way ticket to the moon" and this is "to the blues". Unbelievable that this excellent recording is only the b-side of "What can I do". It’s a Swedish release.
Polydor 59020L
Vogue V45.653 6. harlem cha cha – boyd bennet

If you thought Miss and Kitty were sexy, just listen to this b-side of  "Sexual lady"; seduction first class in a darkened ballroom in the middle of Harlem.
14. el colonel – jo allan

Aha, here’s the Belgian guy from Liege again (see vols
24, 26 and 41). The label reads Jo Allan, but it should be Jo Alan. Never mind, it’s a fine release. The b-side is "Ballade à mon voisin".
Vogue VB018 from 1967
Thor T104 from 1959 7. sattelite – andy dio & the hi-ways

Here’s another hard to find 45. Fantastic frantic rock ‘n’ roll instrumental which starts with a Martian countdown and after two minutes of manic rocking sounds the satellite takes off into space. Also good is "Rough and bold", the flipside.
15. whisky dance – henri renaud

This is the flipside of Les Scarlet’s "Le Temps de l’amour" which I’ve put on vol
79. As you might expect, it’s a jazzy release, yes, but this fast instrumental sounds so fantastic that I couldn’t let go.
Panorama 17337
Dolton 321 from 1966 8. ginza lights – the ventures

A seldom heard b-side (of "Arabesque") from the kings of instrumental rock ‘n’ roll. It was also released on the 1966 "Go with the Ventures" album.
16. lucie a un petit chat – antoine

There are 4 songs on this EP, all written by Antoine. It starts as a tapdance song, then the nasal sound of Antoine’s voice takes over. It sure isn’t his best song ; who cares. "Lucie has a little kitty" and Fred Astaire would love this if he could understand French. More Antoine songs on vols 41, 55, 80 and 88.
Vogue EPL8579 from 1967