"No English?" - 16 songs against dumbination of English music



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE75
"or Protest Rock vol 2..."

DiscAZ EP1128 1. la grenouille - laurent
What’s a song about a French frog doing here ? I’ve found this EP a few years ago and wanted to give it as a birthday present, but then I listened to it and I liked it too much to just give it away. On vol 84 you’ll find another Laurent release.
9. siempre siempre - marco remez y sus tipicos
I’m not a big fan of “Calamares” (the song nor the food); the b-side however really swings. “Always always” Marco is singing while he’s dancing the cha-cha-cha with his Tipicos.
Box 305
D Records 80.009 from 1974 2. 14 ans les gauloises - eric charden

This is a rather surprising side of Eric Charden (who then was recording mostly together with Stone) about a French cigarette brand.
10. aquarela – nico gomez

I don’t know if I should’ve selected this song for this compilation, but then again, if I don’t do it, nobody will and who would ever have heard of Nico Gomez… It’s 70s latin that isn’t really disco, but no mambo either. It has an exotic Brazilian touch and terrific to listen to at night.
EMI 4C006-96756 from 1977
Markal MA491 3. liberte - marc aryan

Talking about surprises : Marc Aryan has recorded a lot of absolute rubbish and several of the weirdest and coolest French tunes. This song about "Freedom" is his second ‘best’ (read funniest) release I know. In the middle of the song the guitarist starts playing Shocking Blue’s Venus and our French Roy Orbison lookalike has no clue what’s happening. A hint for hip deejays : mix this song with the theme of "Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatuut".
11. sie hiess mary-ann - freddy
Tennessee Ernie Ford would get mad if he’d know about this German translation of his biggest hit “Sixteen tons”. “Her name was Mary-Ann” is Freddy singing. And never ever think of listening to the flip “Heimweh”.
Polydor 23181
Festival DN646 4. clac tape - les surfs

While the B-side (Partager tous tes reves) is a tranlsation of  "Send me the pillow you dream on", "Clac tape" is a French translation of Shirley Ellis’ "The clapping song". It’s an aerobic song avant la letter.
12. itsy bitsy teenie weenie honolulu strand bikini - club honolulu

Yep, replace the yellow polkadots and you get this German cover version by the aptly named band. I think they’ve never seen a beach from nearby. She’s singing about a Florida beach near Copacabana. She really knows her geography, no? She must be blonde… Oh, and at the end she thinks it’s all in Venice (not California, but in Italy).
Decca 9.23.140
DiscAZ EP1067 5. papa maman - arlette zola
I love Arlette Zola (see also
vols 47, 58, 78 and above all vol 23). This typical French ye-ye pop tune est tres cool, mais pas hip. It will never be a party fave, but nevertheless I like it.
13. goeiemorgen - lowland trio
I’ve got several different releases (each with different sleeves) of “Ik kan geen kikker van de kant afduwen”. That side isn’t interesting, but please, please, please listen very carefully to this song and don’t jump around right from the very first second. This is so catchy and so wild that you can’t sit still. This Dutch song is about getting ready for a new day and each morning the same shit is happening over and over again. All is going wrong and the longer the day the more troubles arise. So why get out of bed then… “Good mornin’”
CNR UH10014
Philips 437428BE from 1967 6. a tout casser - johnny hallyday
Several Hallyday tunes have been selected for movies, including this one for the movie “A tout casser”. It reminds me a lot of Purple Haze (or Vapeur Mauve). Other interesting EP’s on my compilations can be found on vols 58, 60, 63 and his best of all “Viens” on vol 66.
14. potvolblommen - lowland trio
And here’s another song by this Dutch combo. The lyrics are again the strongest part of this song which features too much horns and a too high carvinal feeling and this four minutes long. Then I like the flipside more which I’ve put on vol 73.
CNR UH10057
Fontana 261.216MF 7. mon ane gris - dario moreno
If you know the song “To Gaidouraki”, this is the French translation. This time it’s a song about a “My grey donkey”. As most of Moreno’s recordings this is latin percussive music with a lot of Marino Marini influence. On vol
65 you can listen to another great mambo tune.
15. strip-tease blues – de wama’s

I’ve bought this 45 for the song title and then I was surprised by the great Las Vegas feeling it had given me. As this volume features no English sung tunes, this is also sung in Dutch. It’s lewd, it’s lurid, but it won’t be a classic as there ain’t girls on it. The lyrics, again, are inspiring!
Decca FM264365
Polydor 59032 from 1965 8. se per caso - orietta berti
It’s a “Rhythm of the rain” rip-off from Italy, the better side of this 45. “Tu sei quello” is a ballad I wasn’t thrilled by. This 45 was also issued as Polydor 54821 with different sleeve.
16. doet u mee met de b.b.? – de wama’s

And this is the other side and it’s again about women, about one woman, thee woman of the late 50s: Brigitte Bardot. Although it’s the same song as “Babylone 21-29”, another melody was used. Volumes 41 and 54 feature other B-sides of that interesting French song.
Decca FM264365