"Search for coconuts" - 16 quests for freedom of music in a nutshell



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"Nobody will ever be able to label me a 50s guy or a 60s guy or whatever labels are being used. I'm always on the search for 'good' music as if I was on a deserted island searching for coconuts..."

Capitol 5451 from 1965 1. the searcher - the gallants
This B-side of “Von Ryan March” can also be found on the EP that I’ll select for
vol 98. Is this also a movie theme? I’m not sure, but it sounds like one. Fantastic instrumental tune that could’ve been composed by Ennio Morricone. I’m the searcher on a vinyl quest.
9.  mary - the mudlarks
A bongo drum starts this Caribbean rock ‘n’ roll ode to a girl named Mary. Are these guys the same Mudlarks that released “My grandfather’s clock” on Roulette in 1959? This is the B-side of “Waterloo”.
Columbia C21255
Kip 103 2. coconut girl - doug loveless
A calypso flavoured rock ‘n’ roll tune about an exotic coconut girl.. I don’t know when this was recorded; 1958 won’t be a bad guess. The B-side “What more” is not that interesting.
10. get t’stepping – donna hightower

Little Donna Hightower had several US releases in the 50s on labels such as RPM and Capitol. This release however is on a Belgian label called Valentine. Her poppy r&b sound was loved in the popcorn scene. She was quite popular in Belgium which resulted in several releases (check also vol 62).
Valentine VAL10518
Expo E487 from 1963 3. can’t buy me love - the twistin’ guys
This surprising B-side of “Quand les roses” isn’t such a bad version of the Beatles song than most of you would expect. Expo was a label founded after the Belgian World Expo of 1958 (remember the Atomium?) and their 45s were sold after saving special points you could get by buying Expo bread. This 1963 release contains a swinging rock ‘n’ roll version of one of the Beatles’ first hit singles. Certainly interesting release for Beatles collectors.
11. mama guitar - don cornell
An excellent rockin’ tune by Don Cornell for the movie “A face in the crowd” (that song is also on the flipside). Elia Kazan directed this 1957 movie with Andy Griffith as a homeless drifter in one his first roles, Walter Matthau, Lee Remick and a lot of famous showbiz people playing themselves.
Coral 93233 from 1957
Teeny T241 from 1964 4. hippy hippy shake - the typhoons
Both sides of this single (flipside is a pretty lame  “Needles & pins” version) are covers of huge hits. Who were The Typhoons? Probably a fake studio band. And Teeny was one of the Belgian budget labels that only released Belgian (or European) covers of foreign hit songs.
12. calypso rock - lee west & the westonians
What about this song title?: It isn’t Caribbean induced rock; just standard rock ‘n’ roll, but not so easy to find and now here it is. Lee West & his crew recorded several styles of music. If you already looked at vol 19, you’d know that this was a Belgian guy who later co-founded the Jokers.
Riva 403 from 1959
Philips 319449PF 5. tequila - francis bay
Francis Bay was Belgium’s best known orchestra leader (and famous all over Europe as well). His combo recorded dozens of 45s and albums. This rendition of “Tequila” is somehow special because it’s more latin rock ‘n’ roll than most of the orchestral versions we all know. I’m told this one was from 1959.
13. basta un poco di musica – marino marini

Another great recording from Italy, and of course again on Durium. This is even for Marini a rocking tune. He deserves a monument.
Durium 6620
Supreme S6003 6. papa oo mow mow - billy brown
Originally a Hawk release, this version of the Rivingtons’ hit song (that resulted into The Trashmen’s “Surfin’ bird’) is one of the crudest versions from the early 60s I’ve ever heard. Including the Beach Boys style vocal harmony and the Rivingtons madness; it’s a fantastic version.
14. skokiaan - ralph marterie

Ralph “Shish-kebab” Marterie has always been one of my favourite big band leaders. This Kaempfert classic’s treated superbly. I can’t even say which version I prefer. On vols 1, 25 and 64 you’ll find more Marterie releases. This is feel-good-music.
Mercury C-30021x45 ’57
Gold Leaf OW501 7. j.e.stomp – la jeune equipe

Fab instro groover with organ, sax and it’s fast fast fast and perfect to dance to. Too bad I don’t have more info about La Jeune Equipe (The Young Team) with their own theme: J. E. Stomp. It’s a hit on my Las Vegas Grind Casino parties.
15. man of mistery – the fabulous jokers

And here are the Jokers themselves, this time as The Fabulous Jokers. This rare release has always been a mistery to me. I’ve known this song for so long, but I didn’t know it was recorded by this Antwerp based band. This slow creepy instrumental would fit perfectly on the compilation series “Surfer’s mood”.
Arcade ARC5008 from 1965
Durium 6500 8. mambo 17-23 – marino marini
One of the best mambo tunes by my fave Italian from the 50s: Marino Marini and his quartet. Like most of his releases this was also issued by Durium from Italy. Close your eyes and you’re in Napoli 1958 in no time.
16. the mashed potato stomp – james curtis & the madisons

In 1961 and 1962 the Madison was the only dance that could battle the Twist. Mix the Madison with the Mashed Potato and you get the Stomp. Nice one to end this mishmashed volume.
Decca 9-26011 from 1962