"Koula-Koula" - 16 strange picks of novelty nonsense



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE71
"From 1956 to 1972 the music scene has evolved a lot, or hasn't it. Each year has its own peculiar novelties, oddities and other uncanny releases. These are 16 strange picks that didn't make it on the 70 first volumes..."

1. indian brave – the outlaws
(His Master’s Voice 45POP877 from 1961)
Splendid Shadows-styled English guitar instrumental by a band that gave us some wild gems (like the flipside “Ambush” and certainly their next 7” release “Crazy drums” and “Valley of the Sioux”, all of them available on other volumes.
9. please don’t go – donald peers
(Columbia DB8502 from 1968)
Please don’t go away, this ain’t as bad as it sounds (oh yes it is). Bad taste is bad taste, isn’t it?
2. lovin’ tree – larry hall
(Fast 1052
Not cheesy enough to be loved by popcorn collectors, not wild enough to be loved by rockabilly lovers. Larry Hall tells a great story in less than two minutes. Maybe you can compare him with Dale Hawkins.
10. duck-duck-rock – audy kans & his wijarocs
(Philips 319635PF
On this “Koula-koula” flip the band gets help from Donald Duck. Disney never rocked like this. Frantic guitar riffs and a fast tempo are doing the rest. Better than expected
3. trente neuf de fièvre – caterina valente
(Decca 922951
The first translation of Little Willie John’s “Fever” was this French release by Italo-Franco starlet Caterina Valente. The first time I’ve found this on a fantastic 10” (or 25cm like the French say), so-called recorded at L’Olympia. This is much better than Peggy Lee’s hit version.
11. moonlight walk – the violents
(Show SH1017
Another Belgian release and as The Ventures and The Shadows were immensely popular in Belgium, each town had its own versions of twangy guitar bands. “Moonlight walk” is a standard tune like so many, but highly collectable amongst fans of the genre, certainly because all releases on Show are becoming almost impossible to find.
4. i’m gonna make it – roy c
(Discostar 45x1143
Fast popcorn ditty on a Dutch label by un unknown artist. Who was Roy C? Where’s he from? “I’m gonna make it”, he’s singing, but he surely didn’t make it to stardom.
12. gipsy river – the new comers
(Ronnex R1467 from 1956)
Originally it was released in 1956, also on Ronnex but this re-release is from 1979 and this time with a sleeve. It’s one of the finest jivers I’ve found recently.
5. cannon ball – die modern mixers
(Polydor 23906
This sounds like 1960 to me. It’s a German release, but were these Duane Eddy-clones also from Germany? The twangy guitars mixed with the “aaah-aaahhs” are the reason why popcorn lovers like this tune so much.
13. country trash – johnny cash
(CBS CBS8328 from 1972)
I couldn’t resist to pick at least one Johnny Cash tune for my series. To many people he was just country trash, but one day they will all have to agree that he’s one of the greatest in musical history. You must love June Carter for saving Johnny Cash from a certain death.
6. peter gunn – joe cenna
(Bell 108
Kristy Wallace (aka Poison Ivy) says she’s got every Peter Gunn version ever recorded. Also this one? A steady rhythm and repetitive guitar licks for two minutes is OK to me, but then there’s also the trumpets and this gives this version that little bit extra.
14.  night and day – harry verbi singers
(Ideal 563
And yet again a Belgian release. Great easy listening jiving tune: fantastic voices and backed by a great orchestra; even the sax solo is highly entertaining. I can listen to this kind of music night and day.
7. koula-koula – audy kans & his wijarocs
(Philips 319635PF
These guys must have been listening to The Cousins’ “Killi-watch”. It’s so obvious. Maybe this will reappear on the next volume of “The International Vicious Society”.
15. jeepers creepers – harry verbi singers
(Ideal 563
This is the other side and should only be listened at on Halloween. Imagine zombies and vampires jivin’ ‘n’ swingin’ on a graveyard until the dawn of the day. The sun comes peepin’ just to say goodbye.
8. c’est l’amour – mel turner & the jokers
(Cardinal C3046
”Makin’ love” or “C’est l’amour”: the same song. Mel Turner was quite a big name in the early 60s, but what makes this release so special is the addition of The Jokers, the Belgian instrumental kings from Antwerp. This 45 is very hard to find and belongs to the favourite items in any Jokers collection.
16. just say goodbye – mongo santamaria
CBS CBS2270 from 1966)
On vol 73 you can listen to “Do it to it”, the flipside of this orchestral tune with a latin flavour. Not as wild as most of his better known recordings, no, it’s perfect for those sunsets people write songs about.