"Shake Twist Jerk & Boogie" - 16 scientific facts of wacky weirdness



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE64
"Italy, France, Belgium, Guadeloupe and other small countries like Algeria, UK, US, have given us wacky tunes to shake, twist, jerk and boogie to all night long..."

1. i ragazzi dello shake – gianni morandi
(RCA Italiana PM45-3322
Forget about the A-side, it’s this side that’s a killer! With a little nod to Otis Redding’s Shake this shake song (=”The boy of the Shake”) is one of Italy’s best kept secrets. I suppose it’s been recorded around 1966 and boy oh boy it’s wild!!! I always play this in my dj set and it’s not only girls that are dancing and shaking like crazy! On vol 55 I already included his Italian version of “Bend me shape me”.
9. i love onions – susan christie
(CBS 2261 from 1966)
On vol 45 you can find another version of this crazy campy tune. Was she the same as the actress?
2. si, credile – the crazy boys
(Durium CNA9192
With a Louie Louie beat you can never get wrong, a friend of mine once said. In this case he was right. Sublime mid-60s Italian beat. The psychedelic part in the middle of the song is mind-bending. And again: it’s the B-side that’s the killer side.
10. the telegram – bobby sherman
(Condor FF-1002 from 1969)
A super funny comedy novelty tune by this well known TV personality from California. He released six albums on Metromedia and also a lot of 45s on a dozen different labels.
3. tintarella di luna - cosimo gile e il suo complesso
(Delahay 4016-H
A third Italian tune on this volume. If you like Italian music, I can highly recommend vol 55, completely filled with Italian sounds. Also Marino Marini is featured on several volumes. Check them all out. In the same spirit Cosimo Gile recorded his version of Napolitan standard “Tintarella di luna”. Even Stereo Total recorded this tune a few years ago.
11. swinging shepherd blue – johnny pate quintet
(Parlophone 45-R4404 from 1957)
Now back to the beatnik era and smokey clubs of Greenwich Village with Johnny Pate’s coolest tune.
4. another night with the boys – big dee irwin
(Colpix PX11010 from 1963)
A slow R&B tune, but oh so cool that I couldn’t help but including it on this wacky volume. A lovely girl helps out Big Dee on this recording; I assume it’s Little Eva as she accompanied him on several occasions.
12. oh susanna – the singing dogs
(RCA PA-10129
These dogs were a phenomonom in the US during the 50s. The man behind these musical dogs was Don Charles. This recording starts very slow, but after the applause the dogs seem to remember the song correctly and then there’s no hesitation anymore.
5. what’d i say - burt blanca & the king creole’s
(BB Maurice BBM0038 from 1969)
A weird version of the Ray Charles standard by the Belgian king of rock ‘n’ roll who released about 40 albums and at least 100 singles from 1960 up until now.
13. james bomb – dickie goodman
(Twirl 2015 from 1966)
A cut-up novelty comedy record about James Bond renamed as James Bomb. It’s not only one of the best I’ve ever heard, but also one of the lesser known. Dickie Goodman was the master in this kind of releases. His recording career is divided over 26 record labels!
6. ti boulanger là – les aiglons
(Célini Disques RCG5056
From the isles of Guadeloupe/Martinique this is not the same band that gave us songs like “Stalactite” (vol 33) and “Panorama” (vol 38). It’s a typical Caribbean flavoured steel band singing in some kind of Antillian French. Only served with an ice cold tropical cocktail.
14. pinball boogie – red foley
(Decca 9.60.961
A swingin’ and jivin’ boogie tune from the mid-50s by Red Foley whose recording career started in the early 40s.
7. bwana – ralph marterie
(Mercury 45023
An instrumental by orchestra leader Ralph ”Shish-Kebab” Marterie from around 1959. I already picked his “Caravan” for the very first track of the very first volume and “Tricky” (vol 25), and also his “Skokiaan” will follow on a future volume (vol 74)
15. gipsy twist - sam & his twistin’ five
(Fast 3031 from 1961)
Sam & His Rockin’ Five under a new name to cash in on the twist rage (very popular in Belgium) only for this release. Four singles have been released all being reissued over the years.
8. shish bourak – fawez
(Pathé 4C006-23152
Imagine Middle-Eastern or North-African belly dancers accompanying Fawez on this sultry tune. He invites us to his country “Viens dans mon pays”. On vol 63 I’ve put the B-side “Leila”.
16. mama’s doin’ the twist – the viscounts
(Pye 7N15414 from 1962)
And here’s another twist tune to end this dance volume. I’m not sure about the origins of this band as there were so many combos called The Viscounts. I do know it’s not the Harlem Nocturne band. Could they hail from the UK as the release is on Pye?