"Comme Je Suis" - 16 copains et copines de yeye



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE63
"It's amazing how many English and American songs have been translated into French during the 60s. More than half of this volume is filled with these covers from Belgium and France..."

1. louie, reviens chez toi - ariane & les 10/20
(Palette PB40.205 from 1964)
A French version of “Louie, go home“,  originally by Paul Revere & The Raiders, which was also available on an EP with extra songs “Le p’tit toto” and “Play-boy”.  Formerly known as Les Croquenotes, Ariane released several 45s on Palette in 1964 and 1965. On vol 23 and vol 58 you can find other recordings by this lovely Belgian lady. On “Girls In The Garage vol 10” you can find another 45 with two translations of “Surf city” and “Bird dog”.
9. comme je suis – noel deschamps
(RCA-Victor 46.087 from 1965)
His best songs already resurfaced on numerous compilations, but this one hasn’t been selected before. It’s a great beat tune like only he could produce. Originally it’s an early P.F. Sloan song.
2. la vie est belle – chantal
(Panorama MH147
Again a French version of this well known tune: it’s “Killer Joe”. A version I particularly like is the one by The Rocky Fellers who released it together with “Lonely teardrops” which got a fantastic rendition by young kid Little Dion (see vol 77). Also French diva Sheila recorded this tune, as a B-side for her translated version of “All I have to do is dream”. Who was Chantal? It’s not Chantal Goya who recorded “Chante, la vie est belle”.
10. à plein cœur – steve arlen
(Panorama MH157
This sounds like an early Johnny Hallyday with a little help from a cool organ. It was released around the same time that the Chantal 45 was released.
3. l’anneau de feu – les gam’s
(Mercury 152018MCE
Indeed, it’s “Ring of fire”, the Johnny Cash classic, given a French treat. This EP contains some more translations, however, it’s only this tune that could move me.
11. bb twist – les frangins
(Hebra 45S247 from 1962)
A Belgian twist tribute to Brigitte Bardot on Les Frangins’ second 45, the first of four for Hebra Records. Their Hebra 45s are rare nowadays and especially this one is getting a lot of attention of collectors.
4. ca devait arriver – nicoletta
(Riviera 121123
A church organ intro and then Nicoletta starts singing and after half a minute you still don’t realize it’s also a cover. Yes, this is “I put a spell on you” in French. As the song progresses, the volume increases and halfway you finally hear who she’s been listening to: The Animals.
12. cow-boy – romuald
(DiscAZ AZ1176 from 1964)
Hee-haw en France, pour les cow-boys. At the dangerous rhythm of the bull whip this song runs for two and a half minutes. It was recorded in 1964 and released in 1965 and of course it’s again a cover; the original is “Mule train”, made famous by Tennessee Ernie “Sixteen tons” Ford and Frankie “Jezebel” Laine.
5. petit elephant twist - dalida
(Barclay 60337
I can’t stop: here’s another French translation. For those with a little imagination already guessed it’s “Baby elephant walk”. Dalida was a superstar in France; still this song has remained unknown to compilers.
13. leila leila (jolie fille) – fawez
(Pathé 4C006-23152
A Maghreb infused French tune written for a dancing girl called Leila. I don’t know anything about this singer. Was he from Algeria or maybe Lebanon? On vol 64 you get the A-side.
6. c’est dommage – muriel
(Palette PB40224 from 1965)
”Paper tiger” in a French translation? Sue Thompson’s hit 45 from 1965 covered and translated by Belgian girl Muriel. It was her sole release; however in 1981 she tried to come back and recorded another 45 and then disappeared again.
14. voyage au pays des vivants – johnny hallyday
(Philips 437 480BE
Both the 45 (coupled with “Que je t’aime”) and this EP are sought after. Enjoy the freaky organ, the fuzz guitar and the psychedelic mood of this trashy Hallyday song. Another song of this EP you can find on vol 66, “Viens” which is one of my all time favourite Johnny Hallyday recordings. It’s about a “Journey to the land of the living”.
7. oh! wow wow wee – les gam’s
(Mercury 152018MCE
From the same EP that gave us the French version of Ring Of Fire. It’s a translation of Wow Wow Wee, written by The Strangeloves trio Richard Gottehrer, Jerry Goldstein and Bob Feldman. It’s a fast frat rendition of that cool tune.
15. le monde à l’envers – jacques dutronc
(Vogue 45V4010 from 1971)
A completely unknown and forgotten Dutronc gem; it still features fuzz guitar and steady beats, but also a piano and an organ. On vol 68 there’s another forgotten Dutronc track. Check it out!
8. les citrons de tel-aviv – les blue-jeans
(Pop MPO3051
An EP with songs like “Monsieur Kimono” and this cool jazzy oriental vocal tune from early 60s, I think. Two guys and one lady singing about the Tel Aviv lemons.
16. inoubliablement – monty
(Carrere 6061141
Monty was huge in the mid-60s; his “Meme si je suis fou” will always be my fave and vol 37 there are two more Monty songs. This is not his best but still better than so many early 70s tunes from France. I had this song on his album for years already but never thought it was also available as a 45. Indeed he was “Unforgettable”.